Can You Wear Scrubs to a Nursing Interview or Not?

Can you wear scrubs to a nursing interview

After completing your nursing studies, it is time to hit the road and look for a job. You walk into various hospitals and dispensaries, dropping your credentials, hoping to get a call or an email from at least one of the hospitals for an interview.

Lucky enough, you finally receive a call to attend an interview at a good hospital where the working environment seems ideal.

You ask yourself, can you wear scrubs to a nursing interview or not?

The truth is that interviews can be tricky, more so if you are new in the game.

Potential candidates that have attended many interviews in the past are always confident during interviews and already know how to groom for them.

However, things could be challenging for newcomers and fresh graduates who have just started attending interviews.

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These fresh graduates will always want to make a lasting impression and do everything by the book.

That may include bringing along scrubs since they are part of the nursing job.

Do you have to wear scrubs to a nursing interview?

The simple answer to this question is no. Understand that nursing is a profession, which means that you ought to dress professionally as you go to a nursing interview.

The interviewer expects you to look and act professionally during the interview. How they will portray you is how you will appear before the patients.

Make sure your nails are short, your hair is maintained, and dress appropriately.

If you have a suit, you can put it on. If you don’t, you could try dress pants or a dress shirt. Your clothes ought to be neutral in color with minimum accessories.

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Your footwear should also be professional, do not come to the interview in sneakers.

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Avoid coming to the interview in clothing that will easily distract the interviewer. That could be a short dress or flashy jewelry, as this is a professional position you are applying for.

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Can you wear scrubs to an interview

Can I Wear Scrubs to a Hospital Interview?

Unless the interviewer or the company has asked you to dress up in scrubs for the interview, please do not do it.

Instead, you are expected to dress up appropriately since nursing is a professional job. Remember that the job interview is where you will first interact with the potential employer.

That is why you have to make an excellent first impression.

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Dressing appropriately will add some points in wooing the employer to give you the job.

How you dress is critical as it portrays the type of person you are before you even speak. Instead of putting on scrubs during the first interview, below are a few hacks to consider:

Company’s dress code

Interviewees can get clues on how the potential company expects its employees to dress.

You can look at the firm’s current employees or research online on the dress code. Before the interview, you could even call the company to find out the official work attire policy.

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If you are unsure about the perfect dress code for the interview, then put on a formal business outfit.

Accessorize wisely

A nurse is not expected to put on chunky or flashy jewelry.

Wear as minimal jewelry to the interview as possible.

It will demonstrate to your potential employer that you know how you are expected to dress at your workplace.

You could put on smaller earrings and match the necklace.

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For the men, you could do a simple dress watch.

Try a watch with brown patches or color on black straps that matches your shoe or belt. Do not forget to conceal or remove any tattoos, body, or facial piercings.

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Choose shoes wisely

Your shoes speak volumes to the interviewer.

Women can consider the flat-shoes or low-heeled ones that match their outfits of the day.

Men can try brown or black shoes that match their socks. The shoes should be clean and also match your outfit.

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If you came from far, look for a shoe cleaner near the interview premises and get your shoes cleaned.

Consider grooming

Nurses are expected to have a high level of standards on hygiene matters. The best way to show your potential employer that you take your hygiene seriously is in the interview.

Trim your nails perfectly, get your hair cut, and only wear natural polish if you have to; otherwise, get rid of the nail polish.

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Iron your clothes to appear neat and presentable.

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Should I Wear Scrubs to an Interview?

Should I wear scrubs to an interview

The simple answer remains no. As mentioned earlier, nursing is a serious and competent profession, so you should look more seriously at it.

The one major disadvantage of wearing scrubs to the interview is that the interviewer will perceive you as a joker.

You will be the odd one since everyone will have professional attire.

Your employer will outrightly know that you never do your homework. They expect you to research and find out how to dress for a nursing interview.

The interviewer also expects that maybe you would ask one employee in the firm or research online on the company’s dress code.

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You will also appear as a lazy interviewee who cannot go the extra mile and research stuff about the interview.

Wearing scrubs to a nursing interview will have you disqualified, probably even before you can present what you have to offer.

Understand that those first impressions last long and could be the reason you get the job or fail to get it.

Even though the interviewers could be lenient and listen to what you have to say, the chances are that they had a decision in mind the moment you walked through the door in scrubs.

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That is why you should wear professional clothing when attending a nursing interview.

Now you should know whether is it appropriate to wear scrubs to a nursing interview or not.

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Conclusion: Can You Wear Scrubs to a Nursing Interview?

Even though you may be new to the world of interviews, make sure you do some research on the interview before the day.

From the research, you will learn a lot.

Including how you should not attend the interview in scrubs.

You will also know what is expected in terms of grooming and jewelry. First impressions matter a lot which should be your number one boost as far as passing the interview is concerned.

Good luck with your upcoming interview!

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