Ida Koivisto

Hey, my name is Ida Koivisto. I am a registered nurse and a public health nurse from Finland.

In Finland, you get the qualifications of both a registered nurse and a public health nurse when you study to become a public health nurse. I studied at Lapland University Of Applied Sciences, and I graduated in April 2020.

When you get both qualifications you have more career opportunities.

The studies lasted four years. Those were really instructive years, and the fly by very fast. It is even more difficult to understand that now I’m actually graduated.

But I did it and I am really happy for that!

At the moment, I work in a maternity and child health clinic here in Finland.

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I hope you learn as much as possible from these articles of mine.

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Contact information

Ida Koivisto

Ida is a both registered nurse and public health nurse. Her passion is to provide as much as possible valuable information about nursing to the world. In her spare time from work and blogging, Ida loves to workout at the gym and spend time with relatives and friends.

Email: [email protected]

Address: Jyväskylä, Finland

Gender: Female

Job Title: A registered nurse and a public health nurse (BSN, PHN)

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