Best Shoes for Male Nurses 2021

Best Shoes for Male Nurses

There are so many male nurses working in our hospitals and clinics, so it’s essential to ensure they are comfortable. The best shoes for male nurses are what every male nurse needs to ensure they are getting through the long shifts.

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What are the best shoes for male nurses?

1. Alegria Men’s Chairman Clogs And Mules

Alegria Nursing shoes always come through for male nurses looking for a reliable pair.

These clogs are designed for convenience, as you can easily slip on and move about your day. These shoes are made of pure leather, which makes it very easy to clean.

They come with a latex memory foam insole for orthotics purposes and to offer support and comfort.

The insole is comfortable to accommodate male nurses with wide feet, flat feet, high arches, and other foot problems.

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They also have deep treads to protect against skidding and falling.


  • Latex memory foam for support.
  • The bottom is made with anti-slip rubber.
  • Come with a removable cork.


  • Only available in black, white and brown.

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2. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Male nurses as well as female nurses do a lot of walking around the hospital every day.

They, therefore, need a good pair of walking shoes that are suitable for their work environment.

Brook’s Men’s Walking Shoes are designed with all necessary features to make the best shoes for male nurses. The shoe is made with genuine leather.

These shoes have extended progressive diagonal rollbar that ensures comfort with every stride.

The technology also ensures the shoe remains in complete contact with the ground to avoid slipping. The midsole also provides cushioning to prevent direct shock thanks to the BioMoGo technology.


  • Made using genuine leather.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Offers comfort and excellent support.


  • Laces are extra long.
  • Does not offer excellent breathability.

3. Clarks Men’s Cotrell Free Loafer

Clarks is also a popular name when it comes to men’s professional shoes.

These loafers offer a casual design and easy slip-on design. The upper body is made of 100% genuine leather with a glossy appearance.

The sides of the shoes have side goring, which allows one to easily slide in and out of the shoe; no laces!

The inside if the loafer is designed with a footbed and cushion soft technology for a comfortable experience.

The bottom of the shoe is designed with an Eva outsole that creates traction with the ground to avoid falling.


  • Easy to slip on and out.
  • Bottom of the shoe has deep tracts.
  • Snug fit without being excessively tight.


  • Only available in black.
  • More suitable for nurses who do light work.

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Best tennis shoes for male nurses

1. Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19

Men’s Adrenaline Shoes are the perfect balance between design and functionality.

These shoes have an ideal structure and softness for comfort.

These shoes are designed with BioMoGo DNA and DNA loft cushioning, which ensures the feet are comfortable when playing and working for long hours.

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They are also designed with a cushioned midsole for support.

These shoes also come with a perfect amount of support for the arch, making them an ideal pair for male nurses with flat feet.

The best feature of these shoes is the guide rails holistic support system, which locks with the floor to keep the feet stable.


  • Breathable mesh upper body.
  • Slip-resistant rubberized sole.
  • Streamlined body for a snug fit.


  • Narrow fitting making it unsuitable for wide feet.
  • Curved at the toes can make them too tight for some.

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2. K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe

K-Swiss was developed as tennis shoes though it can be worn by nurses to work and remain comfortable all day.

These are a perfect pair if you are looking for quality and durability.

These shoes are designed with a memory foam that automatically corrects grooves and offers ultimate comfort throughout the day.

The body of the sneaker is made of leather.

Then heal is also designed to absorb shock with every step and throughout the training.

The bottom is made with deep treads that improve traction and prevent slipping even on wet floors.


  • The heel is designed to absorb shock.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Available in black, white, and grey, which can be worn in a strict work dress code.


  • Reported to fall apart sometimes after minimal use.

3. New Balance Men’s Training Shoe

New Balance is a popular brand when it comes to comfortable running and walking athletic shoes.

Male nurses who love to work out before and after work will benefit from a versatile pair that can be worn for practice and work.

The shoe features a leather or suede top that fits snuggly. These shoes also come in a lace-up design so male nurses can adjust them accordingly.

The design is also breathable with a mesh tongue, dual-density color, and gusset outlets son either side of the shoe.

The shoe has a snug-fitting and cushioned footbed for shock absorption.


  • Non-marking rubber outsoles for traction.
  • Comes in a solid black for nurses that work in strict dress code workplaces.
  • Excellent snuggly but comfy fitting.


  • Needs extra care and cleaning.

Best shoes for male nurses with flat feet

1. Dansko Men’s XP 2.0 Mens Clog

You can never go wrong with Dansko Men’s Professional Shoes!

There is a whole shoe collection for male nurses to choose from depending on their taste.

The outsole of these shoes is made using fine leather to offer comfort. The insoles are contoured to provide comfort and provide support for different foot types.

The outsole is slip-resistant to keep you safe in wet environments.

It also has a fantastic seal that prevents wetness and liquids from slipping into the shoe.

The shoes also come in a slip-on design for convenience and ease in wearing.


  • Very easy to clean.
  • Contoured inner soles to suit different feet.
  • Oiled insole.
  • Rubber sole to avoid skidding.


  • The arches are a bit too tight.

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2. Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

Merrel Men’s Shoes are suitable for male nurses as they come in a slip-on design.

The shoes are a perfect balance of sneakers and clogs while maintaining a professional look.

The top of the shoes is designed with 100% full-grain leather with a breathable mesh lining to keep a steady airflow.

The midsole is cushioned against shock and raised to support the arch for male nurses with flat feet. The heel is also designed with extra cushioning to absorb shock with every step.

The rubber sole clings on the floor to avoid twisting your foot and getting into accidents.


  • Slip-on design making the shoes very convenient.
  • Breathable and stylish leather upper.
  • Suitable for flat feet.


  • Loose-fitting.
  • Available in black and brown only.

3. Sanita’s Men’s Professional Cabrio Clog

Clogs are always the go-to shoe for anyone looking for convenience and comfort. The design ensures there are no laces that need to be tied now and then.

Sanita is a big name in the world of clogs, boasting of more than a century making clogs.

The Sanita’s Men’s Professional Cabrio Clog is made with genuine leather.

These shoes are also designed with a supportive footbed making them ideal for male nurses with low arches or flat feet.

The wide front part ensures you can wiggle your toes and creates room for air circulation to avoid foul smell. The bottom of the shoe is made using polyurethane to absorb shock.


  • A clog or slip-on design for convenience.
  • Anti-slip bottom.
  • Made of pure leather.


  • Available in black, brown and bordeaux only.

How to choose the best shoes for male nurses?

How to choose the best nursing shoes for men

There are so many shoes for male nurses in the market that it can be challenging to choose.

Should you go with the Adidas or Reebok running shoes? Or is the Alegria Clogs the better option?

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If you have all these questions, we got you!

The best shoes for male nurses are not in the least cheap.

So, before you spend your hard-earned money on any pair of nursing shoes, you need to be sure that they will meet your needs.

Factors to consider when making your ultimate choice(s) include:

  • slip resistance
  • durability
  • comfort
  • foot protection
  • support
  • design

All these factors will ensure you are getting the best out of any of the shoes you choose. Let’s take a detailed look at every factor we have mentioned.


Comfort is everything with whichever shoe as it determines your physical and even mental health.

You need your mind at work rather than focusing on the shoe that is pressing on your toes.

If your shoe is comfortable, you will have all day to focus on your patients, which reduces stress and chances of being in a foul mood.

You need to have your feet mentioned by a specialist before making any purchasing position.

The specialist needs to determine the size of your foot, arch, and width to get the right fitting. It’s vital to know your foot type before you make any purchasing decision.

For instance, you need to find shoes for flat feet for maximum comfort.

The shoes should be fitted with the right insoles and inserts to help manage the condition and even improve it.


Comfort and support go hand in hand. You need to know your feet type to find a shoe that offers ultimate support.

The best nursing shoes for men should provide support in the ankles, heel, and arch to avoid putting a strain on the foot.

It should also enable you to move comfortably and maintain the right posture throughout the day.

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Choose a shoe with a quality sole that offers protection and absorbs shock when your foot comes into direct contact with the ground. The sole should also be sturdy but flexible for comfort when walking around all day.

The shoe should also be suited for your foot type to provide adequate support.


Who wants to be buying nursing shoes every day?

Not me!

Well, if that was your answer, then you need a durable shoe!

When looking for durability, consider the material used in making the shoe, the build quality, and the stain resistance of the shoe.

Durability is an easy way to eliminate a pair of shoes. Check for the material used.

Is it breathable? Will it survive several washes?

Male nurses work in environments where they are likely to stain their shoes and clothing. It’s, therefore, crucial that the shoe is stain resistant to clean easily.

Also, ensure you replace worn-out shoes regularly to avoid compromising on the factors we have discussed above.


The best shoes for male nurses are very particular.

There are must-have features that the shoe should have, including:

  • Breathable fabric. Nurses work for long hours, meaning their shoes should be made from a breathable material such as mesh and cotton. These fabrics allow the flow of air to prevent smelly feet.
  • Padded. Remember, working as a nurse, you will likely be moving around the hospital or clinic. Ensure your shoes are padded, so you avoid getting blisters and bunions.
  • Rubber outsole. The outsole is probably the most crucial part if the shoe. You need to get a shoe with an anti-slip sole that protects you from slipping and falling as you walk around. A rubber sole is the best option though you can also opt for a tile, wood, or linoleum.
  • External heel counter. The heel counter locks with the ground to hold the foot in place as you walk or run, eliminating the chances of twisting your foot. This design is crucial for male nurses who work on floors that quickly become slippery from body fluids, medications, and cleaning chemicals and solutions.
  • Slip-on design. This design is highly recommended for the following reasons; they are effortless to put on, look casual, and laid back, they fit perfectly, and don’t require retying and lose laces that can cause accidents.

    All you need to ensure is the shoe has enough space to wiggle the toes, but space should not be too losing. Also, ensure the bottom is made of rubber to prevent skidding.
  • Colors. Keep in mind the color of the shoe, primarily if you work in a strict work environment. Luckily, unlike in the past, when nurses were expected to wear black or white shoes only, they can now wear other colors and express their tastes.

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Conclusion: Best nursing shoes for men

Male nurses need to care for their feet as they care for their patients.

The best nursing shoes for men ensures that a male nurse is comfortable and productive while remaining productive throughout the day.

The nine best shoes for male nurses that we have reviewed are suitable for work-only need, exercise before or after work, and even male nurses with flat feet.

We have also taught you how to choose the best shoes, depending on your needs.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are a male nurse desperately in need of a nursing shoe, we have narrowed down the search for you. All you need to do is choose the best for you.

Let us know which pair works for you!

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