Do Nurses Get Sick More Often?

Do nurses get sick more often

Unlike other hospital staff, nurses get personal and close with sick patients.

It’s been said countless times that we should put our health first, but sometimes this is hard to practice.

Nurses must do the hard work, and that’s part of their duties.

So, do nurses get sick more often? As it turns out, nurses have healthy immune systems and know how to protect themselves in the workplace.

Nurses can deal with patients with contagious diseases, but it’s not the ones they are worried about.

Some get sick after the initial exposure to flu-like illnesses. But a majority of them will take precautions.

Apart from handwashing, they wear gloves and masks. In addition, they sanitize the items they come into contact with, like keyboards, thermometers, etc.

Some hospital facilities provide flu shots and utilize other immune-boosting tricks to keep nurses healthy.

The other reason nurses don’t get sick often is the fact that they know how to control exposure to viruses and germs.

Other precautions include coughing into their sleeves and staying home when sick. Proper gear is also a must as it minimizes accidental exposures.

Nurses also take proper safety precautions from admission to discharge of patients. This sounds insurmountable in a busy facility, but it’s true.

Do Nurses Have Better Immune Systems?

Most nurses have better immune systems that are second to nature. This is because they are exposed to germs and viruses.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t get sick. They take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

At work, they wash their hands and sanitize their equipment.

Additionally, they eat healthy foods, exercise, and take plenty of rest. If they get sick, they take time off to avoid transmitting germs and viruses to their colleagues. They only resume after getting better.

Nurses understand sleep is not a luxury. But even during those grueling shifts, they allocate themselves 7-8 hours of sleep.

Some will even take a small nap to make up for the deficit.

If you’ve been on the lookout, you’ll notice that nurses rarely touch their faces. They understand that most illnesses spread from hands to eyes, nose, and mouth. If they have to touch their face, they use tissue paper or the forearm.

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Why Are Some People’s Immune Systems Better?

It’s a scientific fact that the immune system is made, not born. This explains why some folks enjoy a better immune system than others.

But it’s all about how they take care of themselves.

For instance, exercising 45 minutes every day is healthy for your immune system.

Whether you ride a bike or walk, you should find something that works for you.

It’s a good habit to get off the bus top and walk the rest of the way. A brisk walk will boost the number of immune cells in your body.

A healthy diet boosts your body’s immunity. The general rule is to supply your body with essential nutrients.

Your food plan should include proteins (chicken, tofu, beans, fish, etc.). In addition to that, you should take plenty of fruit.

Health professionals recommend that you avoid foods that may compromise your immune system.

If you eat lots of junk food, you ruin your immune cells. You never know what’s in that sandwich!

Natural foods are also the best.

Sometimes, you’ll see nurses taking supplements to boost their immunity. And instead of taking vitamin C, they opt for ginger and honey.

If they want more zinc, they eat beans and seafood. Other foods that boost the immune system are sweet potatoes, chicken soup, and yogurt.

Some folks think that they should stay busy all the time. If you want to keep your immunity healthy, you should train your body differently.

Truth be told, stress can affect your immunity. You’ll often see nurses go to places they enjoy the best.

If you want a healthy immune system, get outside and connect with nature. Go somewhere and rebalance yourself.

Fresh air feels good after spending many hours in a hospital. If you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of the sick?

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Conclusion: Do nurses get sick more often?

One may ask; why do nurses get sick less often yet spend most of the time with patients?

Well, these professionals have a habit of washing their hands, covering their bodies, and taking vaccination shots.

Some have adopted healthy eating habits and proper exercise. After all, nursing is not a job but also a way of life.

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