Can Nurses Wear Apple Watches or Not?

Can Nurses Wear Apple Watches

Nurses can wear Apple watches if the hospital allows nurses to wear watches in general. In fact, Apple watches have many benefits for nurses, such as the hands-free option to use Siri for timing, reminders, and important messages.

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Can Nurses Wear Apple Watches or Not

Can nurses wear Apple watches in the UK?

Nurses can wear Apple watches in the UK if the hospital allows wearing watches while on duty. Ask your colleagues or the hospital what is the status of your current workplace.

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Why do nurses wear Apple watches?

Nurses wear Apple watches as a part of their everyday work for many reasons.

The advanced and intuitive technology offers several benefits to enhance nursing and the possibility to use it hands-free is on top of the list.

App Store offers numerous apps suitable for nursing as well as for leisure.

Benefits of using the watch hands-free

Ask Siri to remind you to do time-related things, such as administer a drug in 30 minutes’ time, or check up on a patient every hour.

You can communicate with your team members and look for important information.

The watch shows messages from your family and friends without having to take out your phone, so you never miss anything important and stay up-to-date.

Use the calculator when counting medicine and the translator with foreign patients with you don’t have a common language.

Other benefits while on duty

If you don’t want to use Siri, there are reminder apps that work with vibration alarms.

You are able to use Apple Pay at the vending machine or at the cafeteria. This makes it fast to grab a coffee and you have more time to sit down and enjoy your break.

The battery lasts up to 18 hours, so it will cover even the longest work shifts.

Benefits off-work

The watch monitors the health and sleeps with electrical and optical heart sensors, which is important to many nurses. You can use the fitness, yoga, and wellness apps to stay healthy in a fun way.

Sleeping, exercising, and eating correctly are the main pillars of staying healthy, and the watch provides useful apps for all of these categories.

You can even monitor your period cycle with the watch. You self-report when your periods start, and the watch will predict when the next one will begin.

This function could be especially useful if you are planning a pregnancy.

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The watch provides also benefits for your personal safety.

The compass and map functions will guide you so you will never get lost.

The watch can call someone if you fall down, which is a good addition if you are working with patients that might be unpredictable or aggressive.

The beautiful and modern design of the Apple watches is also a factor that appeals to many nurses around the world.

It is easy to use also off-work with many different outfits and occasions.

Apps that nurses might find useful:

  • Reminder and timer apps
  • To-do apps
  • Calendar apps
  • Calculator apps
  • Translator apps
  • Fitness and workout apps
  • Heart analyzer apps
  • Yoga apps
  • Mindfulness apps
  • Sleeping apps
  • Music and podcast apps


Many nurses worry about the hygiene of wearing a smartwatch.

Overall, using a watch hands-free is far more hygienic than taking out your phone while working, as phones have been found to carry even more germs than toilet seats.

It’s a good idea to cover your Apple watch with a glove if you are on a bloody or dirty call.

It’s important to note that it’s not recommended to use soaps or cleaners in the cleaning of the Apple watch and to clean it instead of running water.

It’s also good to keep your wrist and wristband clean and dry, to avoid any abrasion or rash.

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Things to consider

Many nurses carry their phones in their pockets, so all applications will work on the watch. If you don’t like to carry your phone with you, you should check if all the applications you like to use will function.

Of course, you have to have an iPhone with an active cellular account to be able to use the Apple watch.

Tip! It’s a good idea to get a screen protector for extra protection for the screen.

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Conclusion: Can nurses wear Apple watches?

In a conclusion, we can say that nurses can wear Apple watches if their workplace rules allow it.

The numerous apps available in the App Store enable nurses to use the watch both on duty and off-work.

The intuitive interface and possibility to use the watch hands-free make Apple watches a great option for nurses who like to stay healthy and simplify their life by taking advantage of the latest technology.

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