How to Fold Scrubs Like a Pro? 4 Exclusive Tips

How to fold scrubs

Every healthcare professional wants functional and comfortable scrubs. If you’ve noticed your pair looks a bit dull, it’s all about storage.

Once you know how to fold scrubs, they will look crisp, fresh, and new again.

Whether it’s in a suitcase or wardrobe, folded scrubs provide a helpful way to organize your daily life.

To make your scrub top as compact as possible, place it facedown and bring the left half to the center. Next, flip the sleeve such that it faces the outer part of the shirt.

Do the same to the right half and tuck in the neckline to create a rectangular shape. This trick works well for those who want to keep their tops in a suitcase.

While complex folds will save space, they can be time-consuming. The secret to folding your uniform is sticking to simple folds.

Keep reading to learn the tips and tricks for folding your scrubs professionally.

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How to Fold Scrub Pants?

Folding your scrub pants keeps wrinkles at bay. If you’re not careful, some creases can appear on the folds.

If you want to make your scrubs neat without hauling the iron board, the secret is folding them like a professional. There are different ways to fold your scrubs pants:

Fold into sides

Do you want to fold your scrubs and keep them ready anytime? The secret is folding into sides – top to bottom.

Simply place the scrub pants on a flat surface and fold one side on the other half. Next, fold from top to bottom.

You should use your hands to flatten the material as you go. This method works well for folks with limited storage space.

Fold into thirds

Place the scrub pants on a plain surface and start folding from top to bottom and then fold half in the side.

This method ensures the scrub pants don’t get messy and remain fresh. It also saves lots of space.

How to fold pants that crease fast?

A unique way to fold your scrubs is by creating vertical folds.

First, lay the scrubs flat on a flat surface and then use your thumb and pointing finger to pitch the waistband.

Fold the top vertically like an accordion. If it has a zipper, push it inward. Next, create a triangle in the back and fold it towards the front. This is what brings an accordion-like fold.

Hold the pants aloft and make sure all hems and seams line up. Finally, smooth the pants with your hands and hold them half-twice horizontally.

Fold them over a hanger

If you’re in a hurry, you can fold your pants over wooden hangers.

Lay the pant out flat, fold them over lengthwise, and place them on a hanger. This is a space-saving method for folks with vertical space in their closet.

A general rule when folding the scrub pants is to keep the seams lined up.

Conclusion: Best Way to Fold Scrubs

Shopping for a new pair of scrubs may be fun, but maintaining them is another new challenge.

While the way you store your uniform may look unimportant, it could mean the difference between having wrinkles and a professional look.

That said, you should learn how to fold your scrubs to keep them fresh for longer.

You also save storage space in your drawers. Once you make it a habit, the above folding techniques will come out naturally.

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