Best White Nursing Shoes 2023

Best White Nursing Shoes

White stands for cleanliness and it is a color that the nurses don. They many times wear an all-white uniform.

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As much as you need a new uniform to wear, you will also need new shoes to make your feet feel good.

Are you looking for the best white nursing shoes? With so many options available online, it can be quite difficult to choose the best one.

So, we are here to help you find the ideal one.

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Being a nurse, you always have to be super active all the time. You have to be on your feet most of the time taking care of the patients.

In such cases, you need the best pair of shoes to take care of your feet.

Otherwise, it can be quite uncomfortable and painful for you.

We listed below some of the best white shoes for nurses that are made to provide comfort and resilience to the nurses. You can choose one of these from the list below.

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Best White Shoes for Nurses

Best White Nursing Shoes

1. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Waterproof

For the feet that rarely get rest, you need something which is comfortable.

Along with comfort, this pair provides great performance too.

This pair of white shoes is made up of 100% leather with a rubber sole. Hence, it is durable and can ensure better endurance too. It can be worn for daily use.

The footbed comes with memory foam to provide great cushioning and support too.

Additionally, this rubber outsole can offer maximum resistance to slipping.

So, you can walk freely and smoothly even on polished surfaces without the fear of getting slipped.

It also comes with a heel of 1.5 inches to give you the elevation which you may like without making it uncomfortable or painful for the feet.


  • Stylish as well as comfortable.
  • Durable for daily use.
  • Comes with a slight heel.
  • The footbed is made of memory foam.


  • No closure system.

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2. Skechers Women’s Go Walk

Skechers is quite popular for providing the best quality shoes with amazing comfort.

The performance of this pair, definitely, makes this one of the best white shoes for nurses. With great arch support and a comfortable design, it can provide the best comfort to the nurses.

As they nurse for long hours, this pair of shoes provides an excellent experience without any fatigue or tiredness.

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The rubber sole provides the much-needed resistance against slipping. It is a lightweight pair of shoes that comes with dual density.

The ultra-go outsole and pillar technology make this pair highly comfortable to wear.

The premium leather provides excellent durability too and it is perfect for daily wear. The high-rebound cushioned insole along with moisture-wicking lining provides complete comfort.

It is also highly breathable in nature.


  • Cushioned breathable insole.
  • Provides amazing comfort.
  • Innovative design and technology.
  • Built with premium leather.


  • No closure system.

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3. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Clog

Do you want a pair of white shoes that can provide comfort and performance at the same time? Then this pair of shoes by Crocs is the one for you.

It is understandable that nurses are mostly running or walking around doing their duties.

While they are doing that, it is essential to ensure they get the right comfortable shoes.

This pair allows a roomy fit and complete resistance against slipping.

It offers ample room with a comfortable fit.

The best thing about this pair of shoes is that they are easy to clean or wash. Hence, you can wear this all the time and daily.

You can also clean it whenever you find it essential to do so. The thick construction provides extreme protection to your heels as well as the foot arch.

All these amazing features make this pair a perfect white nursing shoe.


  • Provides enough room for fitness.
  • Quite easy to clean.
  • Comfortable footbed for long-standing.
  • Resistant to slipping and waterproof.


  • Minimal arch support.

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4. Nurse Mates Women’s Angel Lace-Up Shoes

Designed to provide comfort during hectic situations, this pair of white nursing shoes is surely a great option to consider.

This is one of the best white nursing shoes that you can choose from.

The EVA bottom allows absorbing the shock to give utmost comfort. Also, the rubber insertion provides amazing durability and slip resistance to your feet.

It can be worn for long hours easily due to the comfortable and soft leather.

Also, you can wear it daily with low maintenance as the upper part of the shoe can resist stains.

You can simply wipe off the shoes with the help of a dry cloth.

It comes with a 1-inch heel to give the preferred elevation. It is breathable in nature and is designed in such a way that it can wick away perspiration and moisture.


  • Provides great performance.
  • Breathability and shock-absorbing material.
  • Improved and better arch support.
  • All-day comfort to your feet.


  • Not waterproof in nature.

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5. STQ Slip On Walking Shoes

This is a slip-on design pair that comes with an elastic cuff. It is highly convenient for you to put on as well as to put off.

It provides amazing support to the feet while you are walking or standing for long hours. They are light and breathable in nature which makes these shoes quite comfortable to wear.

Along with that, the smooth fabric can provide much-needed freedom.

The outsole of the shoe is made up of PU which is padded in nature. The sole is made up of high-quality rubber which is resistant to slipping and wearing.

It also provides great traction as well as grip. The platform wedge heel provides a good and comfortable elevation to the shoe.

This is one of the best white shoes for nursing.


  • Easy slip-on design.
  • Mesh body for proper ventilation.
  • Very lightweight and flexible.
  • Comfortable outsole and insole.


  • No closure system.

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6. Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes for Women

The next amazing nursing shoe that you can buy for your daily wear is this one. With a classic all-white simple look, this pair offers a twist of newness.

This smart-looking pair is designed to provide the utmost comfort and resilience to your feet while you are always walking, running, or standing.

The powerful sole provides a non-slip feature that can offer you complete resistance to slip.

The upper body and outsole are completely waterproof in nature.

For better comfort and excellent functioning, the footbed is made up of a soft, high-quality absorbent material that can help keep your feet dry all day.

The lightweight structure of the shoes makes it feels like you aren’t wearing anything on your feet.

The outer part of this pair of shoes is made up of imported synthetic material.


  • Great comfort with the shock-absorbent sole.
  • Completely waterproof in nature.
  • Offers great breathability for your feet.


  • Not that many size options are available.

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Best All-White Nursing Shoes

1. Skechers Work Eldred – Relaxed Fit

Are you looking for a durable and functional pair of shoes?

Well, this is the right pair of shoes for the nurses as they are comfortable as well as great for daily wear.

This pair is designed with imported leather for the best durability.

You can this for everyday wear and don’t worry about longevity.

It is durable as well as quite sturdy in nature. Also, the lace-up closure system provides the best functionality.

The best part is that this pair of shoes come with a padded collar and tongue which provide great comfort to your feet.

You can keep on walking, running, and standing for long hours wearing this pair of shoes. The stitching accent makes this quite fashionable as well.

With the shock-absorbing lightweight and flexible midsole, you can get incredible comfort. It is completely slip-resistant in nature.


  • Soft fabric lining for breathability.
  • Cushioned collar and tongue.
  • Shock-absorbing midsole.
  • Memory foam insole for all-day comfort.


  • Minimal arch support.

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Best All White Leather Nursing Shoes

1. Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

With the classic look, this pair of nursing shoes is the best for the ones who are looking for a simple-looking shoe.

This pair can look great with the nursing uniform as it has that professional look.

Made up of high-quality synthetic material, this offers the best quality performance.

The leather upper part and rubber sole make this nursing pair of shoes quite durable.

The best part is that these shoes come with a very comfortable insole made up of memory foam and latex.

The outsole and midsole are made up of polyurethane material. It comes with an approximately 1-inch heel that doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all, even if you are wearing it for long hours.

Also, it comes with a hook-and-loop closure system that can be adjusted according to your needs.

All these amazing features make this pair one of the best white nursing shoes.


  • Comes with adjustable closure.
  • Stain-resistant material.
  • Comfortable insole.
  • Smart and classic look.


  • Doesn’t provide overall cushioning.

Best All-White Nursing School Shoes

1. Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Are you looking for a sneaker-type nursing shoe for better comfort and flexibility?

Then this is the one for you.

It is 100% manmade and is available in varied sizes. The extra-wide width of the shoe provides ample space for your feet to feel comfortable while walking or standing for long hours.

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With the help of the extended rollbar, this pair of shoes can support your arch much more strategically.

The innovative outsole offers a complete slip-resistant feature with much more stability, balance, and efficiency.

The soft cushioning can adapt to different speeds and weights making each and every step you take much more comfortable.

All these features make this pair highly efficient and functional in nature.


  • Comes with a comfortable design.
  • The upper body and outsole are completely waterproof.
  • Durable and slip-resistant.
  • Cushioned and lightweight for long wear.


  • Not for the feet that are thin.

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Best White Nursing Shoes for Men

1. Alegria Men’s Chairman Clogs Shoes

As the best white nursing shoes for men, we highly recommend the Alegria Men’s Chairman Clogs Shoes.

You can find a more in-depth review of these and many other nursing shoes for men here: Best Shoes for Male Nurses

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How to choose the best white nursing shoes?

When it comes to choosing the right best white shoes for nurses, you have to consider some very important factors.

If you are choosing the right pair of nursing shoes for you, then you have to consider these factors:

Consider breathable shoes

When you are in a nursing job, you have to be on your feet for a long time. You will have to constantly walk or stand.

For this, you will need a shoe that can provide you with proper breathability to keep your feet feeling fresh.

It will allow the proper flow of air through your shoes for the best performance.

Anti-slip outsole

You need to choose a pair of shoes that come with a rubber outsole. The rubber material is completely resistant to slipping.

You can freely walk even on polished surfaces without the fear of falling down or slipping off.

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Consider your closure choice

Some of the nursing shoes are available with lace-up closures and some are just available as a slip-on.

You have to make sure which one is more comfortable for you.

This is a matter of personal preference and you can consider this when buying a pair of nursing shoes for you.

Flexible and lightweight

The two most important features that you have to consider while buying a nursing shoe are that it is light in weight as well as flexible in nature.

You need to feel free and not weighed down.

Also a flexible upper can give you plenty of room for adjusting your feet in the right way.

Make sure to consider all these factors when you are looking for the best and most comfortable pair of white nursing shoes.

Conclusion: What are the best white nursing shoes?

All the nursing shoes that are mentioned above have all the essential features that you will need as a nurse.

Remember that a good pair of shoes can help you to provide better comfort and resilience which can impact your performance in a better way.

However, the three most highly recommended best white shoes for nurses from the above ten are:

All of these shoes provide great benefits and can offer excellent comfort as well as performance.

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