How to Tuck in a Scrub Top Like a Pro?

How to tuck in a scrub top

When you walk into a medical facility, you’ll see nurses with fashionable scrubs. Some tuck them in while others don’t. Tucking creates a more polished look.

You’re probably not sure how to tuck in a scrub top. The trick is to choose long tops, taper pants at the belly, and stack the layers correctly.

The traditional scrub tops are not ideal for tucking, especially if the stiff garment doesn’t lay flat. But with the recent trend, scrub tops are practical for work purposes.

Some brands have released tuckable styles to ensure you stand out from the rest.

Before you tuck in your top, you should know your style.

A top with a tailored fit is better untucked. If you have to tuck in, ensure it delivers a nipped-in waist and an hourglass illusion to your figure.

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The practicality of your scrub top also matters. The last thing you want is to untuck your shirt to access the pockets.

Generally speaking, scrubs come in different styles – cuffed, uncuffed top only, pant only, etc.

The style you choose should suit your work environment. For instance, tops with a lace-back design may not look neat as those with full button-backs.

The way you tuck in your top should not compromise your comfort. It’s always best to go loose. This piece will discuss how to tuck in tops with pockets.

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How to Tuck in Scrubs With Pockets?

Just because your top has pockets, that doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable.

The pockets should be wide

You don’t want to wear a top only for the pockets to poke out. A scrub with pockets under the hook gives a flattering look.

Choose long tops

If you choose low-rise scrubs, the shirt must be longer than the natural waistline.

Secondly, you should layer a scrub top with undershirts. Avoid any top that exposes the midriff when tucked in.

The best top should not poke out. The secret is to avoid bulking the mid-section. You can try placing a belt to see how you feel.

If you still have issues with comfort, you should match your top with pants with tapered legs. The idea here is to bring a smooth line from top to bottom.

Match the top with low-rise pants

Low-rise scrubs have a wider waistband and sit below the belly button. You can try holding your pants to the body.

Things can get tricky here – your scrubs should give a maximum range of movement.

Since every manufacturer has a varying sizing chart, you should never assume the scrub can fit. You may want to check the chart before you make your purchase.

The style should complement your natural body

A fitting top will emphasize the leaner parts and downplay larger areas. That said, you should stay away from skinny clothes.

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The best trick is to wear a scrub top that is not too baggy or tight. If you want to create a straight line from shoulders down, you can pair a patterned top with a solid bottom.

This makes you look leaner and longer.

A good example would be to pair red scrub pants with navy blue bottoms. A black print scrub top can also go well with brown scrub pants.

When choosing the shirt to layer under the main top, you must match solids with solids.

Some healthcare facilities give the freedom to choose colors. The best trick is to choose a color that matches the skin tone. Never go for lightly colored scrubs.

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A top with a high-low hemline allows for easy tucking. This also means you don’t have to deal with unsightly bulges under the waistband.

For a perfect fit, the neckline and stretch-knit yokes matter. Apart from that, a curved hemline ensures the top looks attractive no matter the color you choose.

For example, you can wear black pants and a white top. If the facility recommends that you wear a black pant and top, try to layer with oranges and reds underneath.

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Conclusion: How to Tuck in a Scrub Top?

Scrubs are designed to make you feel great. If your top won’t feel comfortable, don’t wear it.

You can even try the outfit at the store and ask someone what they think about your looks.

To be on the safe side, you should choose trendy designs that keep you cozy throughout the day.

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