About Us

About Us

Normal Nurse Life is more than just a website dedicated to nursing for all types of nurses and nursing students.

Our main goal is to provide as much as possible valuable information for you about nursing in general.

Whether it’s about questions you might be thinking like Do Nurses Make Good Money or How To Become A Neonatal Nurse to the subjects like Neonatal Nurse Salary, Telephone Triage Nurse, or Nursing Interview Questions.

Who’s behind all of these articles?

Most of the articles are written by me, a registered nurse, and a public health nurse Ida Koivisto. In the evenings and weekends when I have some free time, I love to write these articles about working as a nurse.

I always try my best to gather up all the information on multiple sources to give you the best possible answers in my articles.

Jani might throw a couple of articles from here and there. But mostly he is trying to build the best website platform for all the nurses and nursing students all over the world. Our website is entirely designed, built, and maintained by Jani.

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