Best Shoes for Nurses with Back Pain 2021

Best shoes for nurses with back pain

Nurses do an incredible job, to say the least. The profession is, however, very demanding as most nurses work long shifts of up to 16 hours.

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Such long shifts can be tasking with nurses, especially those with back pains.

Nurses need an excellent pair of shoes that offer the necessary support for their feet even after long hours of work.

A good pair of shoes is even more essential for nurses with back pains.

In this article, we will take a look at the best shoes for nurses with back pains. Take a look!

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Best Nursing Shoes for Back Pain

1. New Balance Women’s 990 V4 Sneaker

Running shoes are always an excellent choice for nurses looking for shoes that offer support and shock absorption.

New Balance Women’s 990 V4 Sneakers are designed with an ENCAP midsole technology that is all about support.

These shoes can withstand long hours on your feet without wearing out.

The top of these shoes is made of 75 % pigskin suede and 25 % of mesh. The mesh allows inflow and outflow of air to prevent odors from long wearing.

The sole outsole is made of rubber which has excellent traction with different floors to avoid skidding.

These shoes also feature ENCAP polyurethane rings with ethynyl vinyl acetate on the heel for support and shock absorption.

The shoes also feature a dual-density collar foam that makes it easy and comfortable to put on and off.


  • Designed in a low-top design to protect the arch.
  • A breathable mesh material to prevent odors.
  • Very easy to clean.


  • Size only runs small.

2. Nurses Mates’ Women’s Harmony

Nurse Mates is always a great pair of shoes for nurses, as the shoes are specially designed for nurses.

The Nurse Mate’s Harmony is made of full-grain leather on the top with a mesh lining on the inside for comfort. The shoes have a perfect fit as they are entirely closed.

The outsole of the shoe is designed with Eva foam to avoid slipping and falling.

The closed design is perfect for nurses with back pain as it prevents unwanted movement.

The sole also offers excellent support and shock absorption with every step.

The shoes are orthopedically designed to hold the foot in place and offer an optimum position for proper alignment and stability.

These shoes are a bit heavy because of the leather construction, but with the time you get accustomed to the weight.

These shoes come in black and white only making them suitable for strict workplaces.


  • Made of full-grain leather hence classy and durable.
  • Great, snug fit.
  • Orthotic design holds the foot in place.


  • The sole gets compact with time.
  • Available in only two colors.

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3. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoe

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline is a must-have for any nurse dealing with back pains.

These shoes help combat the problem thanks to two main features: the Guiderail support system and the BioMoGo DNA LOFT midsoles.

The Guiderail support system ensures your whole body, including the knees, are supported. The shoes focus on the knees as they are the most injury-prone area of the body.

BioMoGo DNA works hand in hand with the DNA loft to provide a balanced soft cushioning for the feet.

The heel and midsoles are cushioned without compromising on the durability of the shoe.

The shoe comes in a modernized mesh designed with a 3d fit print. The mesh material allows inflow and outflow of air to keep feet fresh even after a long day.

The outsole is also slip-resistant synthetic material for safety. These shoes are also available in different sizes for medium, wide, narrow, and extra-wide width.

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  • A breathable mesh material to keep feet cool and fresh.
  • Excellent cushioning for comfort and support.
  • Guiderail support system.


  • A very narrow toe box.
  • Size runs small.

4. Asic’s Men’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

Asics are designed for the comfort and support needed by male nurses who work long shifts on their feet.

These running shoes feature fantastic technology.

The FlyteFoam propel technology utilizes organic fibres that reduce the packing out and provides bounce back with every step.

These shoes also feature a dynamic Duomax support system that enhances support and stability no matter the weight.

Trusstic technology makes the shoes lighter by reducing the weight of the sole to help with stability and maintaining the structure of the shoe.

These shoes are also designed with special impact guidance technology that keeps the feet well-aligned hence alleviating back pains.

These shoes are also very lightweight and comfortable.

The top is made using mesh material that allows the inflow of air. They are also very easy to put on and conform to the shape of the feet for a secure fit.


  • Very easy to put on.
  • The midsole is designed to bounce back after impact.
  • The top is stretchy and breathable.


  • The toe box is very tight.
  • Unsuitable for wide feet as they run in small sizes.

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5. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0

Our list of the 5 best shoes for nurses with back pains cannot be complete without a mention of Dansko.

Dansko brand always comes through for nurses.

The Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs are designed for nurses looking for a class, support, and functionality.

These clogs are very easy to pull on and off, thanks to the slip-on design. They are made of durable leather on top and a rubber sole.

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The midsoles are made of lightweight Eva that reduces fatigue from walking and provides excellent stability. The sole also provides amazing shock absorption with every step.

These shoes also come with a removable PU footbed that offers exceptional cushioning for the arch. The toe room is very roomy, providing room for inflow and outflow of air.

The instep collar is also padded for comfort.

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  • Very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Wide toe room providing room to wiggle your toes.
  • Memory foam offers support and shock absorption.


  • Insoles can wear out very fast.

Choosing the best shoes for nurses with back pain

Back pain is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s simply a pain in the lower back.

The big question is, how does back manifest?

Back pain manifests in different forms including a stabbing, spreading type, or even radiating pain.

Each form of pain has its causes, but the common factor is they all appear in the lumbar section of the spine.

Some back pain is nothing serious which is mostly caused by exhaustion. After a bit of rest, it will disappear, and you will wake up feeling like a new person.

Often than not, it’s usually not something so casual.

It can appear progressively, meaning as the day progresses, the pain gets worse.

There is back pain that is also triggered by certain activities such as bending or standing for long hours.

So, what causes all these types of back pain?

Back pain can be divided into categories depending on the type of tissue it occurs.

Take a look:

  • Soft tissue. Pain in the muscles and tendons is caused by repeated movements for a long duration or incorrect posture, whether sitting or standing.
  • Binding tissue. Disks are found between every vertebra. When there is a sudden and extremely strong movement, the outer part of the disks can burst under pressure, causing the liquid to pour out.

    The nerves touching the affected disk become irritated, leading to back pain. In severe conditions, the disk might completely slip out of its place causing excruciating pain due to friction between the vertebrae.
  • Nerve tissue. Back pain can also occur if the nerves are pressed or even damaged by other organs and especially bones. Some viruses and bacteria may also cause inflammation in the nerves leading to pain.
  • Bone tissue. These tissues rarely cause back pain unless there is an unfortunate incident of diseases and tumors. The bones may also suffer pressure from ling hours of standing, walking, and even running around as in the life of nurses.

Apart from wearing the right shoes, what else can be done to relieve or eliminate back pain in nurses?

  • Take measures to avoid or prevent back pain. This can be done by always ensuring you are sitting, standing, or walking in the correct posture. Slouching causes additional spine problems.
  • Avoid sudden movements. Although it seems impossible to make sudden movements that may impact your lower back and organs, emergencies may at times occur, resulting in a sudden dash. Avoid any sudden movements that will hurt your organs.
  • Change conditions when duty allows. If you sit throughout your shift, try walking around or just standing every couple of minutes in a day. If you spend long hours standing, create time to sit down to avoid straining your back and other organs.
  • Avoid bending over when possible. Bending eventually takes a toll on your back so avoid it if possible.
  • Exercise. Always make time to work out. Involve a specialist if you have back pain issues to avoid making it worse. There are also easy exercises such as yoga for flexibility.
  • Wear the right shoes. We cannot emphasize how crucial a good shoe is to a nurse! Always ensure you buy shoes that are fashionable but functional. The shoes should alleviate or even prevent back pains.

Things to consider while choosing the best nursing shoes for back pains

Arch support

Improper body alignment, which starts from the arches, can lead to back pain.

For instance, nurses with flat feet tend to walk with their feet inwards, which puts pressure on the hips and knees.

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High or low arches also mean there will be a poor distribution of weight leading to back pain. It’s, therefore, crucial to going for shoes that offer excellent arch support for your specific arch issue.

Flat arches need shoes with firm support while high and low arches do better with cushioned support.

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Finding the best shoes for nurses with removable insoles is an added advantage as it allows you to replace the inserts with the best ones for your feet’ condition.


A great fitting shoe is essential in the life of a nurse. Imagine running across the hallway to attend to an emergency with lose fitting shoes?

Apart from hurting yourself, they can also slow you.

Go for shoes with laces or a snug fit you provide a good fit.

However, ensure the shoes are not too tight to cause poor blood flow in the feet. If you don’t like sneakers, you can also go for closed shoes or a pair with straps.

Toe box

A wide toe box is another factor to consider when looking for the best shoes for nurses with back pains.

A toe box that is too tight can lead to cramped toes which in turn causes the whole body to overcompensate. Overcompensation is what leads to back pains.

A shoe that allows you to wiggle your toes also affords additional comfort. There should always be a half-inch space between the top of the toes and the top of the shoe.


Cushioning is a non-negotiable feature for nursing shoes.

Shoes with poor cushioning cause the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower back to absorb the shock from walking, hence leading to lower back pain.

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Poor cushioning can also lead to swelling, ankle sprains, fractures, blisters, among others.


You want to go for a shoe made with high-quality material that can serve you for a long time.

Nursing shoes are not close to cheap, so you won’t be delighted about buying a pair every month.

Since nurses work long shifts, the shoe is likely to wear faster, making it important to go for durable shoes.

The material should also be very easy to clean as nurses are likely to come across stains.


When you suffer from back pains, you want shoes that won’t add to the strain.

The best shoes for nurses with back pains should be very lightweight to facilitate easier movement.

Light shoes also save strength used in walking hence reducing chances of spinal issues occurring.

Also, since nurses work long hours, you need light shoes that will not tire you out.


We recommend New Balance Women’s 990 V4 Sneaker for nurses with back pain.

These shoes feature amazing technology that helps alleviate and prevent back pain by offering unmatched support. They have excellent cushioning for nurses that work long hours.

These shoes are worth every penny you spend.

All the shoes we have reviewed are ideal for nurses with back pains.

Check them out and share your experience with them!

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