7 Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses 2021

Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses

You may buy new clothes to accommodate your body during pregnancy. But, what about getting a pair of new shoes?

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Pregnancy causes foot pain and results in swelling.

The situation is worse for nurses as they have to stand all day long.

Wearing comfortable shoes is the only way out of these problems.

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Best Nursing Shoes for Pregnancy

Being a nurse and pregnant at the same time can be quite challenging.

Because the feet are vulnerable to different kinds of problems, the best shoes for pregnant nurses support your back and protect your feet.

The best nursing shoes for pregnancy provides stability and supports your body.

Here are the 7 best shoes for pregnant nurses honestly reviewed.

Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses

1. TOMS Women’s Canvas Classics

A swollen foot not only causes irritation, but they are painful sometimes.

To avoid such situations, you need to get shoes that have ample space for your toes.

The Women’s Canvas Classic shoes are great for your feet because they won’t constrict your toes and allows enough room for them to expand when needed.

These shoes are made of a durable rubber sole. And, the slip-resistant feature that comes with the shoes is a must for pregnant nurses.

Nursing shifts are pretty much hectic and pregnant women need to take care of themselves.

Also, these shoes run in bigger sizes and the canvas material has a lot to provide.

The shoes leave your feet comfortable throughout the day. With the non-skid sole, this pair of the shoe protects you from sliding.

This way, it saves you from falling.

Although they are referred to as flats, they do have support for your sole.

Apart from safety features, it looks great and comfortable.


  • Rubber sole with slip-resistance.
  • These are slip-on, which means you can easily wear and put them off.
  • They are available in a variety of color options.
  • When you purchase, it helps a charitable organization.


  • The upper portion of the canvas is thin.
  • They aren’t available in many sizes.

2. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

During pregnancy, you need to relax your body as much as it is possible while taking on your rigorous task as a nurse.

Keep in mind that an on-duty nurse has to feel comfortable in shoes, especially during this period.

Discussing the best shoes for pregnant nurses, Sketchers Walking Shoes are best suited for these special days.

These slip-on Sketchers Walking Shoes give you sheer joy and excitement with every single step you take.

Basically, these shoes have a textile design.

And, they are made from synthetic sole for a superb grip on the ground. As such, there are no issues of sliding and falling.

The upper portion of the shoe is soft and stretches so that you can easily put your feet comfortably in.

While your feet go inside the shoe, the upper mold creates a good fit.

This way, you don’t have to worry about the swelling feet.

These shoes are lightweight and flexible, making them perfect for pregnant nurses.


  • The upper portion of the shoe has a stretchy fabric.
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Padded collar with soft lining.
  • Super comfortable sole.
  • 5Gen cushioned midsole.


  • These aren’t water-resistant.
  • Minimal arch support.

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3. Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes

During the summer months, pregnancy may get worse because the heat leads to swollen feet, and you are left with an uncomfortable belly and feet.

Hence, if you are looking for a pair of shoes during this period, Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoe is the perfect shoe.

These shoes are build keeping in mind the styling and functionality.

These shoes are mesh and specifically crafted with proper guidance to provide the best support for pregnant nurses.

The shoes are remarkably comfortable and durable at the same time.

The beauty of the colorful upper mesh is mesmerizing.

With innovative biomechanical technology, the shoes make sure you enjoy the day with full comfort and confidence.

The stretchy, elastic upper portion makes it easy to slip your feet inside the shoe. Also, you can rinse down the dirt accumulated with mild soap and water.

The rubber sole is sturdy and slip-resistant.

This way, it allows you to maintain your balance on wet surfaces. The removable footbed provides support and breathability.


  • Durable rubber sole.
  • Colorful mesh cover.
  • Elastic, stretchy gores on the upper portion.
  • Breathable footbed.


  • The shoe isn’t waterproof.
  • Sizing runs small.

4. Orthopedic Walking Shoes by Orthofeet

During pregnancy, you might be struggling with back pain. So, you need nice, comfortable shoes for your feet.

Ensure that you are having a shoe with the best rubber sole that has the ability to absorb shock and provide good arch support.

That’s the reason why Plantar Fasciitis Orthopedic Walking Shoes is one of the best nursing shoes for pregnancy.

These shoes serve to all foot-related issues along with other health conditions.

If you are pregnant, these shoes provide you with a comfortable walk.

When you are having a long and tiring day, these shoes make sure your feet are relaxed.

Many pregnant nurses often complain that their feet have swollen more compared to normal pregnant women.

This is because of the extensive walking during long duty hours.

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Now, you can avoid it by wearing these shoes specifically designed for pregnant women.

The insoles present in the shoe come with an innovative gel pad.

The gel pad takes off the pressure on the heel and supports your body to reduce stress.

It is one of the best orthopedic shoes around because it has air pockets located below the feet.

Also, it helps with shock absorption.

The uppers help to reduce the pressure points so as to give you more comfort.


  • The shoes have shock absorbers that prevent joint and foot pain.
  • Lots of cushioning layers.
  • Removable insole.
  • Provide great arch support.


  • They have laces and may not suit everyone.

5. Clarks Women’s Breeze Sea Flip-Flop

Clarks Breeze Sea Flip Flops are perhaps the best casual and comfortable shoe suited for pregnant nurses.

These shoes are light in weight and have fabric thongs, synthetic uppers, and printed footbed.

These flip flops have a unique summer style and look gorgeous.

Now, pregnant nurses can enjoy the bright sunny days while working during hectic shifts at the hospital.

The designing of the shoes is such that they fit well for pregnant nurses.

In short, they possess the qualities that are needed in a shoe for pregnant women.

When hot weather gets combined with swelling feet, these flip flops by Clarks serves to the purpose.

Some people may find issues with arch support.

But, other than this, the shoe fits well in both the feet. It appears that the shoes blend in with your feet nicely.

Sometimes you may even feel that you are wearing nothing at all.

Another plus point of the shoe is that it is equipped with a solid construction that lasts through many upcoming seasons.

It has a versatile design that makes it one of the best shoes for pregnant nurses.

The sandals are pretty easy to wear and take off.

There is no need to bend your body and lower your hand at all.

The bottom has extra traction that protects you from sliding and makes your walk comfortable. Apart from using them in hospitals, you can wear them to the beach, as well.


  • These sandals are water-resistant.
  • The cushioning adds extra comfort.
  • They provide great traction.
  • Easy to wear and take off.


  • They aren’t available in half sizes.

6. Women’s Faux Fur Slipper by Jessica Simpson

When it is about flirty, fun, and fabulous footwear, nothing can beat Jessica Simpson Women’s Fur Slipper.

If you want to have slippers while you are working, you can have them.

And, most importantly, these shoes are perfect for pregnant nurses.

You can always keep a pair in your lockers so that you can wear them on duty. There are lots of variety available and of different sizes.

However, before you order the pair keep in mind about the swelling of your feet during pregnancy.

It is good to buy two pairs of large-sized shoes while you are pregnant.

The Comfy Faux Fur slippers by Jessica Simpson come with a thick layer of memory foam cushioning.

As such, it adds a cozy and comfortable feeling when you are wearing them for a prolonged time.

What’s more interesting is the fact that it has an anti-slip sole, which is useful for pregnant women.

The luxurious fabrication of the slipper feels soft and plush.

Pregnant nurses can wear them both at home and at work because it provides them with the things a pregnant nurse wants from a shoe.

The warmth and fluff are a bonus here.


  • Beautiful and cozy.
  • Anti-slip sole.
  • Fashionable design and style.
  • Easy to wash and dry.


  • The shoes aren’t breathable.

7. New Balance Women’s 900 V1 Walking Shoe

New Balance’s main purpose is to produce shoes that provide comfort to people wearing them.

They have been in the business for a long time and producing rich quality products.

And, this Women’s Walking Shoe is no different.

This walking shoe is perfect for pregnant nurses who are coping with a hectic schedule at the medical facility.

If you love the concept of clog and love for a sneaker, this walking shoe by New Balance is the combination of both worlds.

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The backless design of the shoe ensures that you can put your feet and take out the same with ease.

The shoe provides support and ultimate comfort on every foot. It even performs better for nurses with swelling feet.

The thick rubber outsole provides stability and durability apart from the shock absorption during each step.

The upper mesh is breathable and makes the shoe more comfortable to wear.


  • Impressive backless design.
  • A thick heel that helps to absorb shock.
  • Slip-resistance, sturdy rubber outsole.
  • Removable footbed.


  • Only four color options available.

How to choose the best nursing shoes for pregnancy?

You may ignore buying new shoes when you are pregnant.

But, when it is about your health, you need to buy them.

However, when choosing the best nursing shoes for pregnancy, try to consider a few things.

Get breathable shoes

Hot and sweaty feet are common during pregnancy.

You can avoid this problem when you buy breathable shoes that are made with mesh fabric.

Because the mesh has tiny holes to allow airflow in and out of the shoe, it keeps your feet dry and cool.

Backless design helps a lot

It is seen that many women tend to put on weight during pregnancy.

Backless shoes are perfect during this transition because they allow your feet to have a little more space.

A little space helps your feet to avoid excess pressure.

Choose a slip-on styled shoe

Shoes that are slip-on are best suited for pregnant women.

When your belly grows, it becomes hard to bend.

Sometimes tying laces can be challenging.

When you have a slip-on shoe, you can easily put your feet by sliding them without any kind of external help.

Prefer slip-resistant sole

During pregnancy, a slip may cause you to fall. And, that’s a very dangerous both for you and your baby.

Hence, you need to have shoes with a slip-resistant sole.

It protects you from causing harm to your feet, knees, and ankles when you slip.

Flexible upper

Swollen feet are natural during pregnancy. But, it can be uncomfortable to wear tight shoes.

Flexible upper shoes are made from delicate fabric like mesh that gives plenty of room for your swollen feet.

Conclusion: Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses

All the aforementioned shoes have all the necessary features that make them eligible for pregnant nurses.

Remember that good shoes for pregnant nurses support the feet well and give comfort when needed most.

However, Orthopedic Walking Shoes by Orthofeet and TOMS Women’s Canvas Classics are highly recommended because of their immense benefits.

They provide great support for pregnant nurses.

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