Best Shoes for Nurses With Wide Feet

Best shoes for nurses with wide feet

It’s challenging to find the perfect pair of shoes for nurses, given that they need high-quality shoes that guarantee comfort after long hours. It’s even worse when it comes to choosing shoes for wide feet. If you are feeling stuck, we got you!

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We have extensively researched and tested different shoes before narrowing them to the best shoes for nurses with wide feet.

In this article, we will help you narrow down to the ten best nursing shoes for wide feet.

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Best Shoes for Nurses With Wide Feet

1. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0

Nurses work for very long hours, and most of their work involves walking around or standing for long hours. Nurses, therefore, need shoes that are designed for comfort and to offer support.

Dansko checks all these boxes.

The Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs are designed for professional use by nurses with wide feet. The toe box is designed to accommodate any foot size allowing one o wiggle the toes for comfort.

The shoe is made using pure leather, which makes cleaning very easy and adds to the shoe’s life. The midsole of the shoe is lightweight to avoid adding strain to the foot.

It also provides stability and reduces shock with every step.

The dual-density PU footbed is extremely comfortable and removable if you want to replace it with orthotic ones. The footbed also features the arch support of nurses with wide, flat feet.

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  • Lightweight midsole.
  • Designed with arch technology.
  • Wide toe box to prevent swelling of the feet.


  • Sizing runs large.

2. New Balance Men’s 481V3 Cushioning Trail Running Shoe

New Balance is a go-to shoemaker when you are looking for a quality running shoe.

These shoes come through for male nurses looking for an athletic shoe that doubles up as a work shoe. These shoes come in colors like black and brown which are acceptable for strict working environments.

Running shoes are ideal for nurses with wide feet as they are more flexible than most cross-trainers.

They, therefore, conform to the shape of different foot types.

These shoes are also tough and durable, no matter the conditions they are subjected to. The top is the shoes are made of leather, making them durable and easy to clean.

The sole is made of AT tread which provides tread with the floor to avoid tripping, skidding, and falling from sliding.

The midsole is also made of superior cushioning, which guarantees comfort even when working long shifts.


  • The sides are flexible to accommodate people with wide feet.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • The midsole is cushioned for comfort.


  • Available in five colors only.
  • Sizing runs small only.

3. Crocs Women’s Felicity Clog

Clogs are always an excellent idea when you are looking for simple shoes to pull on when in a hurry.

The Crocs Women’s Felicity is another affordable option if you are a nurse looking for the best shoes for nurses with wide feet. These shoes speak for themselves with the evident wider fit.

The wide toe box gives your toes enough room to wiggle their toes.

These shoes are also made of leather, which makes them effortless to clean. You only need some soapy water and a soft cloth.

They are designed with a 1.5″ heel that offers comfort and shock absorption while walking and running around all day.

The insoles are also removable so you can replace them with orthotic insoles for arch support. The outsole is made with great traction with the floor to keep you safe, even on slippery or wet floors.

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  • Anti-slip soles.
  • Insoles are removable.
  • Moderately sized heel.


  • Available in limited colors.
  • The material is not breathable.

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4. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe

Brooks adrenaline is a pro when it comes to making sporty shoes that nurses can wear to work.

The Brook Women’s Adrenaline Shoes are a gem for female nurses who love to keep fit before or after work.

The shoes are fitted with a breathable and flexible mesh that ensures enough air circulation in the show to keep the feet fresh.

The 3D print on the shoe makes the pair distinct from other running and walking shoes.

The shoe is suitable for wide feet because it molds perfectly to different foot types.

It also uses the Guiderail support system to support the feet and properly align your body in the right posture to avoid straining. You are reassured of less knee, ankle, and hip pain with the shoe.

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The midsole cushioning of the shoe is so lightweight you will barely notice you are wearing shoes. The sole is also slip-resistant to protect you from tripping and falling.


  • Breathable mesh material on the top.
  • Lightweight midsole cushioning.
  • Anti-slip sole.


  • Sizing is only for small feet.
  • The shoe takes time to break-in.

5. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

The best feature which makes the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam ideal for nurses with large feet is the ability to slide their feet easily.

The opening of the shoe is extra wide, so one can effortlessly put the shoe on, which is often a challenge for nurses with wide feet.

The shoe is also quite flexible to conform to different feet shapes. The upper part of the shoe is designed to conform to the foot and provide a snug but comfortable fit.

The shoelaces also allow one to adjust the shoe to their liking for comfort.

The shoe’s material is breathable to allow fresh air to circulate through the shoe to avoid odors.

These shoes also come in a whopping 13 colors to choose from depending on preference and work regulations.


  • A flexible shoe that conforms to different feet types.
  • Large shoe opening for easier wearing.
  • Breathable material.


  • Minimal traction.
  • Can be challenging to clean.

6. Dansko Wide Professional Clog

Dansko does it again!

Dansko has a variety of high-quality shoes for nurses with wide feet to choose from as all have a large to box and generally a wide fitting to accommodate wide feet.

The Dansko Professional Clogs also come in a slip-on design for easier wearing and comfort.

They are also designed with a shock absorption rocker bottom that reduces fatigue and ensures user support.

The midsole of the shoe is designed with a memory foam that provides the utmost comfort.

The removable midsole is also designed with the arch technology for wide feet with low arches.


  • Designed for nurses with wide feet.
  • Provides excellent arch support.
  • Shock-absorbing outsole.


  • They are very heavy.

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7. Easy Spirit Women’s Travel Time Mule

The Easy Spirit Women’s Shoes are an affordable option when looking for the best shoes for nurses with wide feet.

They come in extra wide sizes so anyone with a wide fit can find their fit easily. These shoes are very light and come in a slip-on design.

The insoles are cushioned for comfort while the rubber sole absorbs shock.

The rubber sole also keeps you from slipping and falling even when working in wet environments.


  • The shoes are very light.
  • The rubber sole is slip-resistant.
  • Come in wide and extra-wide sizes.


  • Lack of arch support.
  • Made of flimsy material that lacks durability.

8. Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

A good pair of Crocs is always a great option for nurses looking for a simple yet quality work shoe.

These shoes have excellent slip-resistance as they were originally designed for restaurant work.

They are also very spacious, which makes them suitable for nurses with wide feet. The shoes have enough space to wiggle your toes to prevent numbness and also enough to move your heel.

The insole of these Crocs comes with massage nubs to provide relief through a long working day.

They are also made using soft material for comfort and to avoid straining. They are designed with an open back, which can be a bit dangerous.

They also don’t have arch support, so they are not shoes for flat feet and low arches.

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  • Excellent slip-resistance.
  • Spacious for wide feet.
  • Massage nubs offer relief.
  • Unisex.


  • Not completely enclosed which might cause accidents.
  • Unsuitable for nurses with sweaty feet.

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9. Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On

We saved the best for the last with these Keen Utility Slip-On shoes.

The best feature of these shoes is that they adjust to your foot’s shape, making it suitable for nurses with wide feet. They offer maximum comfort thanks to the memory foam on the insole.

The shoe is also made of polyurethane material which is comfortable to the skin.

The shoes also have a cork at the rare to prevent shock with every stride.

The front of the shoes is designed with KEEN patented toe protection that wraps up over the toes for ultimate protection.

You can wear these shoes all day and feel no strain on the toes.

The sole of the shoe is also made of rubber to protect against tripping and falling.

The oil and slip-resistant sole also ensure you have a stable footing to work in confidence even on wet floors.


  • Made of 100% leather.
  • Anti-slip rubber soles.
  • Offers toes protection.


  • Reported to wear out fast.
  • Only the outsole is warranted for one year.

10. Reebok Women’s Work N Cushion

Isn’t the thought of work sneakers just amazing?

The Reebok Women’s Work N Cushion is an excellent pair of work sneakers, but that’s not all.

They also come at a reasonable price and excellent quality.

These shoes come in a variety of sizes and are designed for wide feet.

They fit all foot shapes, but they can be a bit tight, so it’s important to choose the right size.

The insole is heavily cushioned to offer excellent comfort while the outer sole is durable. They are also slip-resistance for security, even when working on wet floors.


  • Anti-slip soles.
  • Wide fitting for nurses with wide feet.
  • Insoles are cushioned for comfort.


  • Not very breathable.
  • Insides wear out fast.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Nurses With Wide Feet?

How to choose the best shoes for nurses with wide feet

Choosing the best shoes for nurses with wide feet can be challenging.

However, take a look at some important factors to consider.

Size and shape

Look for shoes with a wide fitting and shape that will take your foot’s shape to avoid problems and discomfort.

Most people with wide feet choose shoes with narrow fitting, hoping they will break in, but they only end up hurting their feet.

Good news, there are many shoes with a wide fitting and size that will be ideal.

Look for men’s shoes marked E-2E, 4E, and 6E.

Women’s shoes are usually marked with D for wide shoes and EE for extra wide. You can always opt for custom shoes if you cannot find the right size.

Comfort and safety

A comfortable shoe will ensure you keep your mind on your patients all day. The first step to ensuring you get comfortable shoes is choosing a pair that fits perfectly for wide feet.

The shoe should also be breathable to avoid stinking feet. The flexibility of the shoe materials also ensures the shoe can adjust to the size of your feet.

It’s also crucial to get the best shoes for nurses with wide feet that offer safety and support.

The first feature to check for this is insoles. They should be the best fit for your arch.

It’s also excellent if they are removable so you can replace them. Slip-resistant shoes are also a must for a hospital setup unless you spend your day behind a desk.


Ensure you get a pair of shoes that stand the test of time to avoid replacing your shoes every time.

Flimsy shoes compromise on all other factors like protection and comfort.

The best shoes for nurses with wide feet are likely to suffer heavy wear and tear due to long working hours, so ensure you choose a pair to last.

What Are the Best Nursing Shoes for Wide Feet?

Have trouble picking a pair from our top ten? Let’s wind up with a recommendation based on our extensive research.

We recommend the following shoes:

  • TOP PICK FOR WOMEN: Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs. These shoes are specially designed for wide feet. They have an extra roomy toe box that allows you to freely wiggle your toes. The shoe is also made of durable material and a padded insole.
  • TOP PICK FOR MEN: New Balance Men’s 481 V3 Trail Running Shoes. These shoes check all the boxes. They come in wide fitting with extra comfort features. They also have cushioned support that adds to the comfort.

Conclusion: Best Shoes for Wide Feet for Nurses

We have reviewed the best shoes for nurses with wide feet. All you need to do is choose the best pair for you and enjoy comfort and style throughout the day.

What are you waiting for?

Get a pair today!

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