24 Funniest Male Nurse Memes

Male nurse memes

If you came here via the Google results page, I promised these to be the funniest 24 male nurse memes you’ll ever find online. Well, at least in my own opinion.

I know that you are for the male nurse memes so without further ado, let’s get started.

What do people think that male nurses do?

We female nurses often use our male nurse colleagues as our mules. I can say that they don’t like that at all, haha.

But do you know what society or patients think that male nurses do?

Check out this male nurse meme and find it out!

What everyone thinks about male nurses -meme

The only male nurse trying to fit in

Approximately only 9 percent of all nurses are males. Sometimes male nurses find it hard to fit into the work community.

This guy at least gave his best shot trying to fit in in a female-dominated industry. Give him applause by sharing the picture on social media.

Funny male nurse memes

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What male nurse says to a female patient?

Let’s get your shirt off, girl.

Please don’t take this too seriously – it’s a male nurse meme.

Male nurse memes

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They said I could be anything

You probably have heard your parents, grandparents or teachers say that you can be anything you want. Some men choose to be nurses and that’s awesome!

Even though some people think that nursing is a funny career choice for men.

Male nurse meme

Why are there not more male nurses?

This is a question we nurses get asked a lot. The reasons for that could be a lot. But for sure we all would love to see more men choose nursing as a career.

Why are there not more males nurses

Male nurse reporting after the night shift

This male nurse meme can be applied to female nurses as well.

We all have been there reporting after a long night shift. That’s a nightmare.

Male nurse memes - Reporting

Male nurse running out of time

Of course, we would like to help you out as much as we can, but we have other patients besides you as well.

Funniest male nurse memes

Male nurse chart -meme

In my opinion, this is the best male nurse meme there is!

What do you think about it? If you think it’s funny, consider sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest with your friends and colleagues.

Funny male nurse meme chart

Male nurse memes #9

This male nurse meme applies to all nurses out there, but especially it seems to hit men more than women.

That feeling when you leave the room and right away someone pushes the call light. It certainly sucks, but what you can do – this is our job.

The best way to get through frustration is perhaps to sit down in the break room and laugh it off by watching these male nurse memes.

Male nurse memes - The Call Light

That look we all know

When a patient is trying to get out of bed, most of the time we will give him/her this look. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

The look nurses give to a patients trying to get out of the bed

A male nurse would appreciate this

Say “male nurse” and everyone starts chuckling. Male nurses would appreciate it if people would stop doing that. Male nurses are true professionals!

Male nurse meme card
Male nurse meme

The call bell keeps ringing

A couple of first times it’s OK. But at the tenth time…

Male nurse's call bell keeps ringing

Male nurse memes #13

This can be so normal nurse’s life.

A short-staffed hospital, health center, rest home, or rehabilitation center is a true nightmare for nurses and patients.

Short staffed nurse meme

Too many shifts

These kinds of glasses could be useful after too many shifts or nursing classes at school.

Too many shifts -meme

Do you need to sleep?

Sleep is what we all need, but before the shift, it’s too risky to take a nap.

Do you know why sleep is so important for your career as a nurse? If you don’t, you definitely should read that article.

Male nurses need sleep as well

Male nurses in the classroom

I saw this reaction on men’s faces in the classroom when the subject was “checking dilation of the cervix” or “childbirth”. Haha, fun times!

Male nurse studying meme

Gay male nurse meme

Most of the men in nursing I know are straight. Nevertheless, many people assume male nurses to be gay. And that’s something male nurses do not like.

Gay, straight or something between, it doesn’t matter.

But still, this is one of the funniest male nurse memes out there!

Gay male nurse meme

Male nurses can find almost everything

But for sure this depends on the male nurse…

Male nurses can find everything -meme

Be aware of male nurses

You know, they will poke you!

Funny male nurse memes

Male nurses are lucky

At least if the male nurse is straight because there is approximately 2:78 male to female ratio in nursing.

Female vs. male nurse

This could be funny to share with your male nurse colleagues, haha. I’m sure they will just love it.

Female vs. male nurse

Sometimes they even dream about it

When male nurses are passionate about their career choice to be.

Unlucky male nurse-patient -meme

Bad Luck Brian is a classic meme.

Male nurse memes #24

The last male nurse memes are right here for you, enjoy!

That’s All for the Male Nurse Memes

What do you about these? In my own opinion, these are the best male nurse memes out there. If you agree with me, consider sharing these with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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