Nursing Care Plan for Anxiety – Full Guide

Nursing care plan for anxiety

Ever felt nervous or stressed on the first day of school, on the first day in office, on your first open mic or anywhere else? If yes, then that particular feeling of nervousness mixed with fear, uncomfortable, and confidence is called anxiety.

Anxiety is a common problem these days, we all get anxious and stressed from time to time. In simple words, anxiety is a natural reaction of our body to stress.

Most importantly, anxiety is a normal problem but there are kinds of anxiety and one such kind is extreme anxiety.

But what is the nursing care plan for anxiety and how to do that? You’ll get answer to these from down below.

If you stay anxious for so long i.e, for more than six months then it is not normal.

And if your anxiety level is increasing with time then it’s something serious and you surely need to visit a doctor.

You need to take proper consultation and medication as there are chances that you have an anxiety disorder.

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Everyone gets stressed in this fast-growing world. Anxiety disorders are the most ordinary mental illness disorders found all over the world.

With the growing mental health concern, the number of healthcare agencies for treating mental illness is also increasing.

Our brain is a delicate organ and it needs proper care.

Anxiety and mental health disorders can’t be treated by a normal and unprofessional person. That is why the need to have properly registered nurses and professional treatment arises.

Let’s find out what a nursing care plan for anxiety is.

A Nursing Care Plan is a document prepared by the nurses to treat a patient.

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There are certain types of these care plans such as nursing plans for anxiety, nursing care plans for depression, nursing care plan for diabetes, and so on.

Almost every disease and the patient requires a proper nursing care plan.

But in this article, we’re only going to discuss the nursing care plan for anxiety.

Nursing care plan for anxiety disorder

Nursing care plan for anxiety disorder

Even when anxiety is a common problem, it needs to be treated delicately and patiently.

A nursing plan for anxiety disorder is a written document containing the details of the disorder. It has all the do’s and don’ts, guidelines, and each and every detail about taking care of patients.

Anxiety may be caused by certain deep situations and events of our life like staying unaware of the problem, conflicts of mind, and heart.

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But how can we identify if it’s anxiety or something else?

When you feel restless, stressed, uncomfortable, dizzy, lazy, delusional, and whatnot, these all are feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety can also make you feel bad about yourself and your life.

A nursing care plan for anxiety disorder helps in relieving the patient from anxiety by providing a calm and non-threatening surrounding.

In this plan, a person is set free from anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

Nursing care plan for anxiety and depression

All the nursing care plans work towards achieving a common goal i.e, to make the patient healthy and disease-free.

Depression is a serious threat to the life of an individual. And major depression is deadly.

A depressed person’s habits, mood, and behavior fluctuate a lot, it becomes difficult for him/her to live with her body.

That is why a proper care plan for anxiety and depression is important.

A nursing care plan for depression includes the assessment of the damage done by analyzing the behavioral patterns and coping abilities of the patient.

Nursing care plan for anxiety related to surgery

Nursing care plan for anxiety related to surgery

Now let’s talk about the nursing plan for anxiety related to surgery.

During surgery, the patient should be taken care of carefully, calmly, and with a full understanding of his/her suffering.

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If a person is constantly shaking and shivering his/her hands then it’s sure that he or she is suffering from anxiety.

So, the goal of this nursing care plan is to lessen the stress and anxiety and to make the person relaxed and comfortable.

And all this is done, after all the treatment the patient’s report is evaluated.

And in the evaluation stage of the nursing care plan, the goals must be met and positive results must be seen.

Nursing care plan for anxiety in pregnancy

Nursing care plan for anxiety in pregnancy

Let’s move further to another nursing care plan for anxiety in pregnancy.

Pregnant women get anxious and stressed a lot as they feel fear adapting to the new changes happening in their bodies.

Anxiety in pregnant women affects the child equally and even more.

So, the main goal of this nursing care plan is to treat the anxiety of pregnant women.

It includes reducing the stress and tensions from the head of the patient.

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Nursing care plan for anxiety related to knowledge deficit

Basically, the knowledge deficit means a lack of knowledge regarding a specific topic or issue.

The lack of information and the ability for health restoration is called a knowledge deficit.

The nursing plan includes providing the required knowledge to the patient.

The nurses must know what, how, and when to teach so that the patient can acquire the knowledge completely.

The main goal of nursing is to take proper care of the patient.

Nursing care plan for anxiety related to COPD

COPD is an extremely dangerous disease.

In this disease, there is a deficiency of air in the lungs and an increment in the carbon-dioxide.

The flow of air blocks in the lungs. In this nursing care plan, the main focus is to remove the air blocks so that the proper amount of oxygen enters the lungs.

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Its symptoms include difficulty in breathing, tightness of chest, and so on.

How to write a nursing care plan for anxiety

Writing a nursing care plan is the most significant step because without a nursing care plan nursing is just waste.

To write a nursing care plan for anxiety, you must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the problem.

An ideal nursing care plan must be simple, easy, and accessible.

It should have the needs, views, objectives, and responsibilities for taking care of the patient.

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So this is it, we are at the end of the article and I guess you all are aware of the importance of the various nursing care plans.

Nursing care plans are a significant part of healthcare. So when you go for treatment make sure to have a proper nursing care plan.

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