Can Nurses Wear Makeup or Not? With 7 Great Tips

Can nurses wear makeup

Newcomers as nurses are often confused when it comes to wearing makeup to work. So can nurses wear makeup?

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Nurses can wear a little makeup but it is not mandatory for them. However, it is recommended to keep the makeup modest and not too loud.

What it means is that the makeup should not be too bright and distracting.

This is because bright makeup and visible tattoos make nurses appear as if they are not in their healthcare profession.

They appear low in compassion and knowledge. This is true irrespective of the nurse’s gender. Patients find it difficult to connect with such nurses.

A humble look and nature make patients trust them.

Thus, nurses can help their patients more easily.

But, that does not mean wearing makeup is a big no to nurses. Makeup adds to an appealing well-groomed look and boosts their confidence.

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Can nurses wear makeup to work?

It’s always better to stick to the thumb rule to answer this question; “Less is more”.

Always apply your make-up in moderation.

When you are in a professional space, it is suggested not to give an easy impression. There should be a nice balance between your profession and your makeup application.

So, how much make-up is good for a nurse?

How much is moderate and how much is distracting to a patient?

Let’s take a look at some tips for nurses’ makeup.

Now that you know whether can nurses wear makeup or not, it’s time to give you some advice.

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Makeup tips for nurses

Below are some essential tips to be followed which will give the right makeup for a nurse that goes well with the profession.

If you rather prefer information provided in video format, check out this 5 Minute Work Makeup for Nurses.

Video made by The Nurse Nook

Makeup applications should be in moderation

It is advised to use a minimum amount of make-up when you are going on shifts.

You must not apply too much make-up as it will make you look like you just came out of a house party.

Avoid heavy make-up and use natural brands that give a light amount of color as a touch-up.

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Employ a make-up specific brush during the foundation application

Make-up brushes are made for blending the foundation base into the make-up.

Rubbing your make-up brush upwards helps the blending and also makes the make-up last longer. Apart from that, it also makes the make-up process faster and simpler.

Employ a neutral eye shadow

Using earth-tone palettes makes your eyes glow as well as keeps it modest without making it stand-out.

  • Dark eyelids: Nude, pale beige shades
  • Vanilla-Fair eyelids: Deep beige shades or hues of brown.

Make use of mascara and eyeliner to give a pronounced look to your eyes

Using waterproof mascaras may look heavy but is more appropriate and modest. Make sure to apply it softly.

As for eyeliners, make sure you use hues of deep brown.

To make your eyes rounder, use it at the lash base.

This will make your eyes look pronounced.

Do not let go of your blush-on application

Blush-on for nurses

Blushes are a simple and effective trick to make the glow of your face kept alive.

Apply it even during breaks because it easily fades away.

  • Dark skin tones: Blackberry hues or darker blushes.
  • Fair skin tones: Rose or baby-pink shades.

Cover up your dark circles and bags under your eyes

As we are on the same page of the work-line, it is not a new fact that nurses have dark circles below their eyes.

Although concealers camouflage eye bags, using a dark hue of foundations over the circles also does the trick.

The latter is preferred more as it is much more effective.

Eyeliner application and quality should not drip with loose powder

Eyeliners are skipped by most for a common reason -dripping.

However, using a little amount of powder beneath your eyes and eyeliner will prevent these black-tears of the liner.

By using smaller brushes, the liner will be kept from smudging for a long time.

Apply light powder to your lipstick to maintain it for a long time

Lip tints are a good choice but need to be applied often.

Matte lipsticks are most preferable when it comes to the work field. It need not be applied again and again.

Use a piece of tissue and drizzle some powder on it to make the matte effect.

Make use of a highlighter to give an eye lift

Highlighter makeup for nurses

This simple trick will make you look fresh and new.

For this, you need a highlighter.

You make a curved line above the eyebrows and run till blended. This will puff up your eyes.

Tightline when eyeliners and eye shadows do not suit you or not to your liking

If you are not a person who uses shadows and eyeliners, then tight-lining is a perfect way to do the same trick.

Eyelashes and color are given by using eyeliner over your lashes. The color recommended to be used is dark hues and shades of brown.

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Overall, try on makeup applications that give you a light and natural look.

Light makeup means light eye shadow, utilizing neutral and earthly tones, pale or nude colors on darker shades and deep or pale colors for fairer shades, and blush for the glow.

A nurse is certainly busy and is run on a sleep-depriving schedule.

Hence use of concealers for under eye region is essential. A matte or tinted lip balm or lipstick will last longer when in long shifts.

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Can nurses wear makeup in the UK?

Yes, nurses can wear makeup in the UK.

However, keep the make-up discreet and as per the rules for a nurse’s dress code.

Can nurses wear makeup in Canada?

Yes, nurses wear makeup in Canada but are restricted to not going overboard.

It should stick to dress code rules.

Can nurses wear makeup in Australia?

Yes, nurses wear makeup in Australia but use it in moderation and stick to dress code rules.

Conclusion: Can nurses wear makeup?

Can nurses wear makeup to work

By following the above makeup tips for nurses’ make-up, it can be kept in moderation. It would not look distracting and will add a fresh boosting look for the day.

Well-groomed makeup should go well with your dress code and the rules of the healthcare company that you are working for. A clean yet professional look is a must for nurses.

Makeup for a nurse should be an asset to her work and not appear as a compromise to her/his duty.

Wear light make up to balance your profession with your look. Natural-looking makeup without too much effort can enhance your look without disturbing the professional touch.

Now you have the answer to whether can nurses wear makeup or not.

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