Can Nurses Have Dreads or Not?

Can nurses have dreads

Nurses with dreads have become a very controversial topic over the years. If you were to ask the question a few years ago, there would be no chance that you would be able to have that kind of hairstyle in the workplace.

Nurses were to be seen as very professional and there weren’t that many people who push back against that standard.

It’s done a lot in making the hospitals a lot of money, however, the time has changed and the beliefs of people have changed as well.

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Can nurses have dreads?

Just about anywhere you go, you will be allowed to wear dreads in the workplace.

Corporations are basically the only place where you aren’t allowed to have dreads because it could damage the image of the company.

There’s a lot riding on the image of those people so of course, they are going to be more strict with it.

The problem should be if nurses hurt the experience of their customers by wearing these dreads.

The answer to that of course isn’t true which is why you will typically be allowed to wear them just about everywhere that you could imagine.

A big argument as to why they are allowed to exist in the workplace is the idea of culture and that others should be allowed to express that where they work.

That’s something that a lot of people can agree with, which should make them feel more comfortable as well.

As uncomfortable as it can be to talk about, there is also the idea of race when it comes to looking at someone with dreads.

There are white people, Asian people, and of course black people with dreads, however, they have been primarily stigmatized as something black to take pride in.

Thankfully, these days, many more people are excepting of the cultures that other people have and allow them to do just about whatever they want as long as they aren’t hurting the hospital.

Even if an old customer has a problem with a nurse having dreads, they won’t be able to change anything about them.

The standard will be a lot different in Asian countries, where more often than not, you won’t be allowed to work with dreads at all.

As long as you are working well as a nurse, there is nothing for you to worry about at all.

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Can nurses have dreads or not

Can male nurses have dreads?

When it comes to the issue of men having dreads, the problem can be a bit more difficult to talk about.

Typically, nurses are women and have a certain look to them to make the customers feel comfortable.

When it comes to what men are supposed to look like in the workplace, it will definitely throw some customers off when it comes to having dreads as a man.

It certainly isn’t for everyone since they take a while to grow and the process of growing out that hair is going to take a very long time before you can wear it out.

What’s important to the people who are going to hire the male nurse is that they are good at their job.

That takes priority over everything. However, whether you are allowed to do this or not is going to depend on where you are working.

If you’re working at a top university and want the job badly, there is no way that you can get away with having this hairstyle.

However, if you’re working somewhere else, the choices that you have are going to be a lot different than what you see from other places.

Really take a second to observe the place where you work.

Even if you do eventually convince the staff to allow you to wear your dreadlocks, it may not be a good decision to do so.

On the rare occasion that you get hired, they may use your dreadlocks as a scapegoat so that you don’t get promotions or bonuses that your coworkers would’ve received.

It’s a hard job that you’re working, so there’s very little practical reason as to why you would choose to put this kind of pressure on yourself.

If you don’t have dreadlocks right now and want to do so in the future, make sure that you have earned the respect of the hospital first.

If you’re someone who looks like they take care of themselves, you will more than likely be allowed to job as you work at the hospital.

You need to understand that some of the staff and patients aren’t going to like you for that one reason alone.

If you’re willing to accept that, only then should you get the dreadlocks.

Generally, there are a lot of braiding styles that you can choose from if you want long hair, but you can work as a male nurse if you really want it.

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It also might make doing your job a bit harder.

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Conclusion: Can nurses have dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are something that is still taking some time for people in Corporate America to be able to accept.

There is no chance that you will get a job with that hairstyle in Asia or some other parts of the world, so be thankful that you can get a job with them where you live.

Typically people with this kind of hairstyle are stereotyped as being lazy and doing recreational drugs.

This isn’t something you want your future boss to think of you so if you do have dreads make sure you have an impressive resume.

Generally, women are going to be more acceptable to have dreads than men.

Maybe it’s because they already have the expectation of having long hair. Generally, dreads are a lot less flexible than the standard hair that people are born with.

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It could cause some inconveniences to happen while you work.

If you’re a male nurse, it’s best not to try this at all.

It’s hard for a male nurse to get a job and you need everything going for you to have a steady nurse position.

Now you should have a pretty good understanding of whether can nurses have dreads or not.

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