When to Give Labor and Delivery Nurse Gift?

When to give labor and delivery nurse gift

The nurses who have to work labor and delivering a baby have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Of course, there are strategies that have worked for a long time, but they also have the pressure of protecting babies who are going to live in the world.

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Babies are so sensitive since they have just spent the last 9 months in their mother’s womb, so it’s very understandable that even an experienced nurse would feel a lot of pressure.

When to give labor and delivery nurse gifts?

You should possibly get the nurse a gift that's going to reflect that kind of stress in a productive way.

It’s important to do it at the right time since doing it at the wrong time could be perceived as something that you’re not actually trying to do.

Most importantly, you and everyone working there are just people who have a professional relationship and may never see each other again.

In terms of timing, you usually shouldn’t do it before the delivery of your new child.

It’s also best to do it when there are people around.

The point of that isn’t to make you look macho or a better person than the people around you.

Typically, you would do it with other people around to reassure the nurse.

In any workplace, women are going to be subjected to unwanted sexual advances and that’s just one rule of living in any country.

If you are alone with the nurse when you do this, they might perceive this gift as you taking a sexual advance on them.

As crazy as it would be to make advances on a nurse while your wife is getting an operation in the hospital, much crazier things have happened before.

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In the best-case scenario, you should give a nurse the gift when your wife is around you so that you’ll have no suspicions and the nurse will see it as more genuine.

The purpose of doing this isn’t to make yourself look more virtuous, but it’s because you understand the massive service that was just given to you.

This nurse was just under an enormous amount of pressure to deliver your child.

They feel a lot of stress inside of them and sometimes a gift can help to relieve a lot of that stress.

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When to give labor and delivery nurse gifts

How many gifts for labor and delivery nurses?

Typically, one gift is more than enough for the sake of showing your gratitude.

Getting through this process isn’t easy for anyone and getting a gift can do a lot for people.

Nurses don’t make a lot of money, but they’re by no means charity cases.

However, sometimes, a gift that represents a certain experience can go a lot farther than just a paycheck.

This particular gift that you can give the nurse can represent the struggle that everyone in the room has had to endure over the past couple of years.

No one is suffering more than your wife, but you’ll have the rest of your marriage to show your gratitude to her.

With the nurse that is taking care of the delivery with your baby, the more important objective is to get a single gift that means a lot.

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Even something like a card to celebrate a baby being born can mean a lot to them.

These cards can be used to look back at how that nurse individually affected the world.

Sure, you can get something that has a high quality to make the nurse feel special, but that’s not the same as being thoughtful.

If you care about quantity, then getting them a couple of gift cards can really mean a lot to them.

Most of them just got out of college a few years ago and might even be behind on their bills.

Showing gratitude here would do a lot to humble yourself and show the nurse they have more purpose other than taking a patient’s stats and prescribing them things.

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You should also be careful with what you’re going to get them.

Don’t get them something that’s going to be an ordeal for them to take outside of the hospital.

If you’re going to get a nurse multiple of an item, you’d be sure that you know that nurse very well.

You also need to be aware that there’s no buyer’s remorse in this situation.

It would be seen as very bad for you to give a nurse a gift and then take it away from them because you regret it.

So you should buy them something that’s going to be perishable enough that you won’t regret the decision of doing that.

Don’t give them something that’s going to make them feel like you’re trying to buy them off.

Buy them something that shows gratitude and that you’re going to move forward as a better family.

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What to gift nurses after delivery?

What to gift nurses after delivery

This all depends on who you and the nurse are. Maybe you and this particular nurse have a relationship that has crossed over into your wife needing to be taken care of.

It’s important to get her a gift that will represent your particular experience with that nurse.

Some nurses are also a lot shyer than other nurses.

In some cases getting her a gift that’s too big is going to be something that’s going to intimidate her.

Get a present that’s going to compliment her services, but something that will make her be comfortable to end her professional relationship with you.

The worst-case scenario is you get her something too big to the point where she feels obligated to give you attention even if that’s what you didn’t want.

This could also be something that puts stress on your relationship since there’s a lot of mystery that’s going to come from your wife as to why you would go above and beyond for someone you’ve never met.

Generally, it’s best to get the nurse something small like a gift basket or a gift card.

Maybe the nurse is really involved in politics or technology, which would make a book the optimal choice.

The options are truly limitless, but what’s the most important in all of this is your intentions.

The last thing a nurse should do in a hospital is to be getting involved sexually or romantically in any way with a patient or the family of the patient.

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It’s not so much about the action itself being wrong, but it creates a huge conflict of interest and takes the eyes off of the patient.

Getting the nurse a designer bag, a fancy watch or diamond earrings isn’t going to be something that they ask for, and people at work at going to notice that.

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Even if all the parties involved with this procedure are okay with this, this still has a negative effect on the nurse.

This nurse could now become the target of a burglary.

If you decide to give the nurse a fancy car, they’ll have to pay taxes and maintenance.

All of these things create a bigger problem for the nurse, so don’t go overboard in showing your gratitude.

The most you should ever do is get the nurse a new pair of sneakers or a dress that you think they’re going to put on one day.

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Conclusion: When to give labor and delivery nurse gift?

Showing gratitude is a big deal in a lot of cultures, there’s nothing wrong with showing others that you’re appreciative of what they’ve done for you.

In fact, doing this often makes you a more humble person that people can empathize with.

However, in this case, you shouldn’t be doing this to be “seen” as a better person.

You should do this because you’re thankful for the service that the nurse has provided.

Statements like this may seem controversial, but a hospital is a workplace where people need to be taken care of.

Whether you’re a medical professional or a patient, please realize that you can get validation in many other places.

Nurses should really only accept certain kinds of gifts.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more because as a nurse, most of you aren’t making that much money.

Realize that if you’re getting a lot of gifts for not doing an amazing job, just know that person probably has intentions that you aren’t thinking about.

Regardless of if everything is done consensually, think about what would happen if you had a relationship with a patient and your superiors ended up finding out.

You should think rationally and make the right decision before you potentially get fired.

For the people going to get services from the hospital, realize that you’re a guest at their workplace, and one day you’ll have to eventually leave.

If your baby got delivered, you have had one of the best services performed for you that you could possibly ask for.

We’re sure that you’re grateful, but show off that gratitude in the right way.

Get something that shows you don’t have any hidden agendas and that you truly do appreciate what the nurse has done for your family.

Now you should know when to give a labor and delivery nurse gifts.

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