Do Nurses Relieve Patients? Learn the Facts

Do nurses relieve patients

Nurses are an important part of the healthcare industry, they spend years studying and practicing to devote their life to patient care and attend to their individual needs.

Unfortunately, their role is still underrated and many patients and healthcare colleagues don’t appreciate the role that nurses have in the wellbeing of patients.

In this article, we are going to about ethical problems like how should nurses treat their patients, what is their role in the healthcare industry, and do nurses relieve patients or give them handjobs.

Do nurses relieve patients?

Nurses have a vital role in the healthcare team. They are not only in charge of administering medication and checking the vitals but they also provide relief and increase the well-being of a patient.

Nurses regularly check patients and notice any subtle change in the symptoms that could be a warning sign, they teach the patient about his/her symptoms, how to take care of themselves.

As a nurse like I am, you need to look at patients from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective to promote wellness. You also provide emotional support not only for the patients but also for the patient’s relatives.

You build a relationship with the patient based on commitment, trust, and support.

The nurse’s main priority is the patient, you are directly involved in the patient’s care and collaborate with other healthcare professionals in the diagnose and treatment.

The patient should trust you and know what to expect with the treatment. Proper patient care has positive effects on the patient like relieving the anxiety symptoms, more acknowledgment of his/her condition.

The answer to the question “Do nurses relieve patients?” is a simple “Yes“.

But do nurses perform controversial relieving methods like giving a handjob to a patient? That’s coming up next.

Do nurses give handjobs?

Do nurses give handjobs

Nurses are not supposed to provide any sexual relief to the patient, this includes not only handjobs but other inappropriate sexual behaviors like kisses, touching the genital area without gloves, or performing an intimate examination without the right clinical justification.

Working as a nurse, you should never feel forced to give a handjob or perform any other sexual activity to a patient.

If you need to perform a medical procedure in which the penis has to be erected like inserting a catheter the most ethical way to do it is by stimulating the prostate.

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In terms of sexual misconduct, there is a guideline from the National Council of the State Boards of Nursing.

It states that sexual misconducts are not only unethical but also illegal and doesn’t include only sexual intercourse, performing a sexual examination with no clinical justification but also includes these behaviors:

  • Touching any sexualized body part like the breasts for any other purpose than a clinical examination.
  • Not allowing patient privacy to dress or undress.
  • Discussing the sexual preferences, history, suggesting or discussing the possibility of a sexual or romantic relationship with the patient.
  • Rubbing against patients.
  • Performing masturbation in front of the patient’s presence.
  • Kissing.
  • Filming any body part of the patient for a different purpose than health care.
  • Offer to provide health care services in exchange for sexual favors.
  • Showing the patient sexually explicit material for another reason than health care purposes.

Performing inappropriate sexual behavior has a wide range of consequences that go anywhere from sanctions, one-year suspension to revocations.

Certain nurses can volunteer to become sex nurses and help disabled couples that have chronic conditions like muscular dystrophy that affect their motor skills to have sex.

This is a legal activity because the nurse helps the disabled partner to have sex with his/her couple but isn’t performing any inappropriate sexual activity.

Quick summary:

  • Do nurses relieve patients? Yes.
  • Do nurses give handjobs? No.

How should nurses treat patients?

How should nurses treat patients

Nurses are not only in charge of taking care and promoting the physical health of the patients but also have an important role in their mental health and wellness.

Nurses have to look beyond the physical needs of the patients. Here are some basic things you need to know about treating your patient’s the right way:

  • Your patients have the right to know all the relevant information about their condition and treatment. Although patients may not understand a lot about terminology and complex medical procedures you need to keep them as informed as possible. This includes any changes in the medical condition, lab test results that indicate a negative prognostic, and what does the treatment consists of.
  • Treat all your patients equally no matter what is their religion, race, family history, etc. Treat your patients well and leave all judgments aside.
  • Make your patients feel like they have a voice in their healthcare and are actively involved in making decisions. Make sure that your patient feels comfortable to ask any question regarding the treatment and your condition.
  • Remember that your patient is human and not just a bunch of symptoms. Take the time to know him/her and create a connection so the patient can trust you. Get to know everything about your patients like beliefs, cultural preferences, and even food preferences.
  • Always treat your patients with respect. Nurses are usually busy so they tend to forget basic courtesies like knocking the door before entering, introducing yourself to the patient, explaining the purpose of your visit, ask questions about their condition and take the time to hear everything they have to say.

It’s important to always follow these guidelines when working with your patients.

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Conclusion: Do nurses relieve patients?

The role of nurses goes far beyond administering medication and checking the vitals of a patient.

They are part of an active team of health professionals whose main goal is your health and well-being.

Nurses don’t only pay attention to your physical needs but they also provide emotional-spiritual support and guide you through the process of making decisions.

The right way to treat a patient involves different aspects like communication to understand the situation of your patient and address his/her concerns.

Respect and treat all the patients equally no matter their race, gender and don’t make judgments.

Inappropriate sexual behaviors are not permitted and are considered unethical like giving a handjob or making sexual suggestions.

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Patients that receive proper health care will have shorter hospital stays, a more positive view of the recovery process, reduced anxiety symptoms, and overall wellness.

At this point, you should whether do nurses relieve patients or not, and do nurses give handjobs to patients or not.

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