Philosophy of Nursing with Clear Examples

Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing happens to be a synopsis of your personal doctrines that shape up your innate zeal to become an integral part of nursing as a profession. If you are really looking to join this profession, then it’s high time you should critically ponder over your personal philosophy which would ultimately cast its impact on your practices.

As you intend to embark on a promising career in a sensitive and responsible job role of a nurse, you should perceive the intended meaning of being a nurse and reflect it appropriately in your philosophy of nursing statement.

The statement which you wish to submit should entail how you perceive the crucial role that a nurse plays in ensuring the standard of health.

As a matter of fact, the concept of the proper preservation of the environment as well as health should form an integral part of the essence of a well-structured philosophy of nursing statement.

Your professional beliefs, as well as values, should feature proficiently in the statement.

Technically speaking, the philosophy of nursing statement should observe the apt identification of the perspective of an individual who is looking to make inroads in the professional realms of nursing practice.

It’s the metaparadigm of nursing aspirants, which needs to be the essential staple of your nursing philosophy.

You will need to develop the philosophy by keeping a sharp focus on legitimate ideas as well as theories that guide you as to how you should behave and function in a real-life nursing scenario.

If you are really serious about impressing the intended readership of the nursing philosophy statement, then you need to flaunt a crystal clear understanding of the four mandatory metaparadigm or principles.

They are – nursing, health, a person as well as the environment. You start sharing your close connection with these four essential metaparadigms from the very moment you do the apparel of a nurse.

While doing the job of a nurse it is your duty to give your best efforts in ensuring the well-being of the patients with who you have been entrusted.

At the same time, you will have to abide by your responsibilities towards the environment.

What is philosophy of nursing?

What is philosophy of nursing

Now, let’s make it a point to dig a little deep into the essence of the philosophy of nursing.

This is something that is associated with your vision and personal reasons that propel you to merge your footsteps with this Noble profession.

This is a valued statement where you are supposed to leave your mark as an indispensable individual.

Let’s try and understand the essence of a philosophy of nursing statement by unfurling its essence from an analytical point of view.

Before you actually set yourself to the crucial task of penning down the statement, you should consider it as an incredibly glorious opportunity to showcase the love and passion that you share for this vocation.

Thus, it should adequately present your beliefs, professional standards as well as every valued trait that would be good enough in proving you a good fit for the job. It is a well-meditated document that celebrates your reasons for joining the profession.

You will need to pour in your credentials like a pro as it would be a decisive factor in grading your application with success.

The statement should not be a production of whims.

It’s to be nurtured into a final shape after you have been through a volley of examples of philosophy of nursing quotes, documents, and statements.

You should not falter as it comes to portraying your personal perspective as a realistic manifestation of professional practice which you will be able to master through emphatic planning.

Presenting this statement is a mandate as nurses while preparing their philosophy statement, can get a sense of their innate values.

Organizations, on the other hand, can get a good glimpse of the ethics, knowledge, and caring attitude, which an individual, aspiring for the job of nursing, embodies in it.

Next, let’s take a closer look at examples of the philosophy of nursing.

Examples of philosophy of nursing

Examples of philosophy of nursing

As we talk about the examples of the philosophy of nursing, we need to throw light upon the core areas and principles of this profession.

While doing so, the main objective would remain on the proper explication of the traits which need to be celebrated in your statement.

As you intend to flick through a series of examples of nursing philosophies, you will definitely start getting new ideas about the healing environment that you can create for the patients who will be under your supervision.

While going through the examples of notable nursing professionals, you must be able to grasp that it is a perfect compilation of respect as well as compassion to the patients that add an additional edge to your professional caliber.

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A nurse without the power of empathy as well as compassion is unthinkable.

It’s really important for a nursing professional to have enough respect for the patient’s rights.

Therefore, it is always advisable that you should delve as deeply as possible into the aspects of nursing philosophy examples.

You will be able to get many examples online.

Besides, you can get the hang of it on the various websites related to medical organizations.

As a matter of fact, you will have an evident understanding of the subject over there, especially pertaining to how you should advocate your own thoughts into this subject with a certain ratio of adorable professionalism.

Philosophy of nursing statement

A well-structured and balanced philosophy of nursing statement is really going to make a benevolent impact on your entire career as a professional nurse.

You should consider it as a foundation stone upon which your successful career will be based.

When you write the statement, you are actually taking the very first step towards your rewarding future.

So, give it all the time, attention, and reverence that it deserves.

When you are about to describe your nursing philosophy statement, you will definitely need to go through a huge range of examples of philosophy of nursing statements for a quick as well as a sturdy grasp on the formatting and presentation of your philosophical traits.

Consider what you state as your unfailing commitment to compassion, accountability as well as professionalism that you intend to bring to the table.

When you dedicate yourself to this noble task of nursing, you choose to do so with a relentless healing capacity, nursing knowledge as well as organizational skills.

Your philosophy of nursing statement would have to capitalize on your tenacity to take responsibility for the job you are applying for.

Most importantly, it should not sound like a fake proclamation. There has to be enough zeal and warmth in whatever you are going to state as part of your philosophy.

Your philosophy should offer a good view of your strong or rather iron determination to stand in support of those people who are medically unfit and would like to look for attentive as well as empathetic care. You will give them the care which they need so badly.

While doing so, you are not going to narrow down your perspective by taking petty affairs such as sexuality, religion, social status, or race into consideration.

Philosophy of nursing quotes

Philosophy of nursing quotes

Nursing takes the stand as a particular profession that requires every ounce of your energy and hours of dedicated service.

If you are planning to get into this profession, then you should be mentally and physically prepared for relentless hard work.

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There will be moments when you feel extremely stressed out, dejected as well as frustrated.

Even in the midst of such heavy burdensome moments, you should not think of leaving your battlefield.

Working as a nurse, you are meant to be right in the middle of patients, serving them with your utmost dedication.

In case, your mind is in turmoil and you are experiencing some negative vibes, you can consider taking a quick look at the following inspirational quotes which might change your mindset:

  • Florence Nightingale has eloquently encapsulated the essence of nursing in her words. She has opined nursing to one of the top-notch fine arts. However, she reverberates her mind as she claims it to be the finest of all forms of arts.
  • Someone has nicely presented that a dedicated nurse dispenses every ounce of her compassion as well as caring for the sick with a sense of reassuring comfort.
  • An unknown entity feels that the character of the nurse is equally significant as her knowledge is.

The aforementioned are not merely some quotes.

They are the sum and substance of the lifestyle as well as ideals that churn out a great personality at the end of the day.

Conclusion: Philosophy of nursing

As a nurse, you have your place of honor amongst countless people who would count on your skills, and your perseverance.

It is an onus and you will have to live up to it.

The vocation of nursing is, in fact, a great and noble responsibility entrusted to you. This should be the real philosophy of nursing, entrenched deep inside your mind.

Nurses deal with stressful situations. Most of the time, they have the lives of others in their hands.

So, deep inside you need to have nerves made out of steel and you should be able to flaunt the unyielding capacity of your nerves while making the statement of your nursing philosophy.

It’s also important to showcase that you embody a significant level of self-control. Your philosophy should portray you as an individual who has respect for discipline.

Most importantly, your philosophy should be steeped in your essence of accountability.

So, be inspired for the right cause in life. Choose the noblest among professions.

Choose to be a nurse and bring a smile to others’ lives.

Appreciate as well as thoroughly understand the aesthetic implications of this field and make a pledge that you will sincerely integrate your innate values as well as professional beliefs when you would start sporting the proud apparel of a nurse.

Now you know a lot about the philosophy of nursing.

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