Why Nurses Leave The Bedside?

Why nurses leave the bedside

Why nurses leave the bedside is an important and good question. Nurses are invaluable. Society needs them. It is good to think about the reasons for that question but even more important would be to come up with solutions to the reasons.

I really think that if things are not getting fixed, nurses will leave the bedside more often. Then we are really in trouble.

There are many reasons which lead to the bedside.

Specific reasons why nurses leave the bedside are a poor work atmosphere, dissatisfaction with working conditions, organization and management, poor pay, poor job prospects, excessive workload and stress, and an aging staff.

Total dissatisfaction often leads to leaving the nursing job.

Next, I will describe why nurses leave the bedside in more detailed way.

Dissatisfaction with organization and management


Job satisfaction is affected by the work environment, workload, management style, and pay.

Those nursing professionals who stay in the field think that the working methods of their work community are fair, the workload is reasonable, the staffing adequate and the management competent. They also feel able to develop in their own profession.

We all know that it is good to be at work when you get along with your supervisor/boss. This is so important for coping at work.

I think that a good supervisor really adds a lot of job satisfaction.

High responsibility, low salary

You might already know that nursing is not easy.

It involves a lot of responsibility but it is rewarding.

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However, the responsibility is burdened and this is one of the reasons why nurses leave the bedside.

Some nurses find the workload and responsibility high, but the compensation paid for it is too small. Nursing responsibility, workload, and shift work require commitment, while low pay limits it.

High responsibility and low salary are one of the reasons why nurses leave the bedside.

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Some nurses think that is a lot of responsibility at work and the salary compared to that is bad. You can probably already guess that this combination is bad.

Personal reasons

Personal reasons

Personal reasons why nurses leave the bedside are home, family, and leisure. Age also affects. Younger nurses are more likely to switch fields than older ones.

If we think, for example, that you have a detached house and children there is a lot of financial expense.

You must go to work because of financial expenses. Changing jobs in such a situation is tricky. But if you do not yet have such a mortgage and children, the situation is easier.

There are many many personal reasons.

Continuous under-resourcing and ethical burden

Too low a caregiver nurse’s number increases the number of hazards in nursing. When there are too few nurses, they may not have time to do work as it should have done ethically.

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And when there are too few nurses then the pace and workload are really hard.

And when this continues for a long time, ensues exhaustion. And exhaustion is one of the reasons why nurses leave the bedside.

It is a terrible feeling when you want to do your job properly, and well, you simply don’t have time.

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Why do nurses leave their jobs?

As you probably guessed, there are many reasons why do nurses leave their jobs. It is important to really think about this and make the change for this.

Nurses are so important that we do not even understand.

According to the CentraStateJobs, some industry experts figure that up to 30 to 50 percent of nurses quit their job or leave nursing in the first year.

Also in that article say that:

”RNnetwork found that half of all surveyed nurses have considered leaving the nursing profession”

The biggest reason why do nurses leave their jobs is overworked feeling according to RNnetwork. Also, some nurse’s reason is that they don’t enjoy the job.

I want to emphasize that article deals with nurses who work at hospitals.

As you know, nurses can work in many places. See also: Where Do Registered Nurses Work?

We should think that why nurses who work at hospitals want to quit their job. And even more important is to make better working conditions for nurses.

It is true that nursing is not the easiest job. But it is a very rewarding job when you see improvements, for example.

However, it must be remembered that all jobs have their own pros and cons. Just try to find the area that interests you the most.

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I do not have a simple answer to why do nurses leave their job. It is really affected by many things.

All of the above can be reasons why nurses leave the bedside.

Here in Finland, nurses are in a pay gap compared to, for example, Sweden and Norway. In Finland, many nurses leave their nursing jobs and move to other positions.

The nurse’s work is really responsible and, in Finland at least, the salary does not correspond to the responsibility of the work.

From Finland, many nurses go to work in Sweden or Norway because the salary is much better there than in Finland. There is also a shortage of nurses in Sweden and Norway and they are happy to recruit the Finns.

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According to Yle.fi Finnish nurses heading abroad looking for better pay.

As you can see, this is a very difficult subject.

But it is sure that something has to be done with this subject! We need nurses.

Conclusion: Why nurses leave the bedside?

Nurses leave the bedside for numerous reasons. Everybody has their own reasons.

But I think like a nurse that the biggest reasons are high responsibility, low salary, dissatisfaction with organization, and management.

The nurse’s working days are busy depending on the job. It is good that there is even time to take breaks. But even if you are in a hurry, you have to stay focus all the time and that is really concerning.

Even the slightest mistake can be fatal. So you have to stay focus all the time! Many nurses may think that it would be easier to make money some other way than nursing.

Then dissatisfaction with organization and management. It is really hard to work in a place where it is not good to be. Organization and management can affect the workplace in a positive way.

So these are the things why nurses leave the bedside.

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