Pre-Op Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

Pre-op nurse interview questions

A pre-op nurse is a registered nurse who cares for patients before surgery. The nurse provides preparation of the patient by way of medications, removal of any medical equipment, and teaching of postoperative care.

The nurse may also provide treatment to the patient before surgery, such as changing dressings and wound care.

Pre-op nurses are employed in hospitals, nursing homes, and aboard cruise ships. Pre-op nurse interview questions are required for most jobs in the healthcare industry.

Scope of Pre-Op Interview Questions:

Have you been invited for a pre-op interview but wondering what areas the interviewers may cover?

Generally, pre-op nurse interviewers will ask questions on your educational background, experience, skills, and accomplishments.

They will also ask about your philosophy on patient care, which is referred to as bedside manner.

Educational Background Questions

In the interview room, your interviewer will ask questions about the school(s) you attended, such as how many years you spent in school and what degree(s) you earned.

He/she might also ask you about the school’s name, accreditation, and specific courses you completed.

In addition to asking about your school(s), the interviewer may also wish to know how recent or relevant your pre-op nurse education is.

This will be done through questions about your current nursing license and whether or not you are pursuing any educational opportunities.

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Experience Questions

While working as a pre-op nurse, an interviewer is interested in knowing your skill level with any particular procedure you may be involved with.

This information will help the interviewer decide if you are the most qualified candidate for the position.

Depending on the type of pre-op nursing position you are being interviewed for, your interviewer will also ask about previous work experience.

This includes the number of years you have worked in your current or previous position(s), job title, and specific tasks related to pre-op nursing.

Skills Questions

Pre-op nurse interviewers want to know what skills you have developed throughout your active nursing career.

Questions may be asked about your physical abilities and dexterity. They may also ask you about other skills such as organization, teamwork, written communication, and leadership.

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So, what are the specific questions to expect? There are no specific questions to expect in a pre-op nurse interview room.

This is because each interviewer’s line of questioning will vary depending on his/her personal questions you have answered.

However, there are common questions that you could be asked in a pre-op nurse interview. Those are coming up next.

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Pre op nurse interview questions and answers

Common Pre-Op Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

What are these most common pre-op nurse interview questions and example answers?

1. Tell us about yourself.

This is one of the most obvious questions to expect in an interview.

With this question, the interviewer wants you to describe your personal traits and characteristics.

He/she is looking for information on your personal habits, how you work with others, and what is important to you.

Example answer:

I am Mercy Smith, I am 39 years old, and I have been a pre-op nurse for almost ten years.

I enjoy living in the South because it is a low-key environment where I can enjoy the outdoors and spend time with my family.

I have three children, two boys, and one girl. I am diligent in my work but I also make time to relax and de-stress.

My hobbies include running, cooking southern dishes, and doing yoga.

2. What is your philosophy of patient care?

This is one of the most common pre-op nurse interview questions that can also be referred to as a bedside manner question.

It is meant to gauge your philosophical approach to patient care.

The interviewer will want an explanation of how you view patient care and your role as a pre-op nurse.

Example answer:

I believe that a patient’s safety and comfort are key to the success of any surgery.

I have always enjoyed working with surgeons so I can understand their needs.

When it comes to patient care, whether they are in pre-op or not, I am always going to be proactive.

This means that I will do everything in my power to make sure a patient is happy and pain-free.

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3. How do you handle yourself around irate patients or surgeons?

This question is asked to see how you will react when faced with difficult situations.

It’s important that the interviewer gets an accurate depiction of your personality, as it may affect how you interact with patients and surgeons.

Example answer:

I believe that my personality is laid-back yet professional.

I never lose sight that a patient is the most important person in the room.

That being said, a surgeon’s job is to save lives and if a patient is difficult, I understand.

In this situation, it is my job to make sure the surgeon and the patient are happy with pre-op nursing care.

If the patient is difficult, I would suggest to my surgical team that it may be time to move on to another patient.

4. What influenced your passion for pre-op nursing?

Most interviewers will ask you questions about your personal interests to make sure this job is the correct fit for you.

You can expect questions like:

  • “Why are you passionate about your profession?”
  • “What made you want to become a pre-op nurse?”
  • “Can you tell me more about why you decided to go into pre-op nursing?”

Example answer:

It’s easy to talk about what led me to become a pre-op nurse.

I have always enjoyed helping people and I love to serve others. With pre-op nursing, I get the opportunity to do both.

After ten years of experience, I know that my work is rewarding and fulfilling.

Every day gives me the opportunity to help patients get back on their feet.

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5. Explain a time when you had to adjust your role, due to new guidelines.

Every surgical facility has different guidelines and policies.

This question is meant to assess whether you are flexible enough for the workplace.

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The interviewer wants to know if you can follow new rules and adjust your methods according to policy.

Example answer:

As I learned in my previous position with Dr. Green, it is important to be flexible and follow new guidelines and policies.

For example, when I first started with Dr. Green, he had a new surgical registry system that was meant to keep track of every patient.

I was able to learn the system quickly and now our team uses it every day.

I am very flexible when it comes to rules, but always make sure the patient is taken care of.

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6. Why do you want to work at this hospital?

Similar to, “What makes you want to leave your current job and join our team?”, this question is meant to assess why you want to apply for a job at their hospital.

The interviewer is looking for your motivation and whether you consider yourself a good fit.

Highlight the organization’s vision and mission to show you can align yourself with them.

Example answer:

I am excited about the opportunity to work at this hospital.

Your organization’s mission is to provide the best possible care for their patients and I share that vision.

I have been a pre-op nurse for five years now and I am still excited to come to work every day.

There’s no better feeling than helping people get back on their feet.

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7. What are some of the skills you have that would help you succeed in your role?

This question is asked to assess if you are fit for the job.

The interviewer wants to know if you have the skills and qualities needed for the role, as well as your knowledge of what pre-op nursing entails.

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Example answer:

I think my organizational skills and ability to multi-task would be a great addition to your team.

I also have the ability to work as a team.

Most of all, I am strong at making difficult decisions and comfortable speaking up when something isn’t working.

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With the 7 most common pre-op nurse interview questions in mind, you must understand how to prepare for these and similar questions.

How to Prepare for Pre-Assessment Nurse Interview Questions?

As the famous saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.”

You must be prepared to answer questions that are designed to reveal how well you would fit with the organization.

Here are 5 steps to help you prepare for your pre-op nurse interview questions:

1. Research the organization properly

The first step to a successful interview is learning as much as you can about the organization.

Research their mission, vision, and values so you have a clear idea of what they stand for.

You must also research the people already working there to determine if your values align with theirs.

2. Revise the most common pre-op nurse interview questions

As mentioned, these 7 pre-op nurse interview questions are among the most commonly asked by recruiters.

Practice your answers out loud.

By doing this, you are creating a new habit of speaking with confidence during the interview. Speaking confidently will help to boost your chances of getting the job.

3. Prepare responses to similar questions

Prepare specific stories that show your skills and abilities for answering similar interview questions.

For example, the interviewer might ask “What are some of your greatest successes?”.

Use a previous success, such as a time you had to complete a major project on your own, as an example of how you are ready for this role.

4. Practice with a friend or family member

Always practice your interview answers out loud with a friend or family member.

It helps to hear yourself speak and gives you the opportunity to get feedback on areas of your interview skills that you may want to work on.

Build your confidence, which makes you more likely to get the job!

5. Update your knowledge in the field

Before your interview, read articles and stay up to date with current events in the field you are applying to.

It shows that you are enthusiastic about your role.

Moreover, revise your college notes so you are prepared for any questions the interviewer may ask.

Conclusion: Interview Questions for Pre-Op Nurses

By following these helpful tips, you will be more confident during your next interview.

With some practice, you can be fully prepared for any pre-op nurse interview questions.

Good luck with your pre-op nurse interview!

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