10 Best Orthopedic Nurse Interview Questions

Orthopedic nurse interview questions

You applied for an orthopedic nurse position, and you’ve received the good news. You are among the candidates invited to a job interview.


Now you have a chance to impress and make yourself stand out one more time.

But let’s face it, heading into an interview is nerve-wracking for most of us because no two interviews follow the same format.

While orthopedic nurse interview questions will vary, there are some questions interviewers rarely miss to ask, including:

1. Can you tell us about yourself?

2. Why are you interested in this orthopedic nursing job?

3. Why do you think you’re the right candidate for this position?

4. What do you consider your greatest strength and weakness?

5. Why did you leave your last job?

6. How would your co-workers describe you?

7. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

8. What is the most difficult part of working as an orthopedic nurse?

9. What are your salary expectations?

10. Do you have any questions about this particular nursing position?

Huh, that’s a piece of cake. Not really.

You can be good on paper, but these popular orthopedic nurse interview questions can easily trip you up if you’re not careful.

They may look simple, but employers have certain expectations they hope you’ll satisfy with your responses.

Therefore, it’s imperative to take time to understand how best to answer these questions before walking into an interview room.

You will appear more confident, a crucial element that interviewers will also be interested in when they meet you.

We have created this post, sharing practical tips that can help steer you in the right direction.

Let’s get started.

Before you head out straight to the orthopedic nurse interview questions and answers, I highly recommend that you watch this short video first.

In the video, Kati Kleber goes through the best tips and tricks to get an ortho job.

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Orthopedic nurse interview questions and answers

Orthopedic Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Many interviewees get it wrong, as they assume the hiring manager or team wants to hear everything, including personal details from birth.

Your answer should be a sneak peek of your education, training, experience, work-related accomplishments, and professional goals.

Look at the company mission and job description and provide an answer that demonstrates how well you fit into that mission with your skills.

2. Why are you interested in this orthopedic nursing job?

Interviewers ask this question aiming to know whether:

  • You are enthusiastic about the job.
  • You understand the responsibilities of the position clearly.
  • Your qualifications match the job requirements.
  • Your long-term career goals and aspirations align with the role and company.
  • You will meaningfully contribute to the company goals.

Answering this orthopedic nurse interview question requires reviewing the job description carefully.

Besides understanding the job roles and responsibilities, it’s equally important to learn company details, including organizational culture, values, and work environment.

Although good pay is one of the greatest motivations in work, you’ll want to avoid mentioning it.

Otherwise, you’ll raise questions about your passion for the job.

Example answer:

Well, your facility is one of the top-rated orthopedic centers in Los Angeles. I admire being part of a team that offers patients the best.

Working here will allow me to utilize my experience in sports injuries while engaging with experts using the latest research and treatment techniques.

I believe your facility offers an environment for me to progress to higher levels of nursing care and responsibility.

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3. Why do you think you’re the right candidate for this position?

Alternatively, the hiring manager may ask – why should we hire you?

The interviewer needs convincing reasons why they would pick you over other candidates.

Telling the hiring crew that you’re smart, qualified to get the job done would seem the most appropriate answer.

However, the other candidates probably have the qualifications needed for the job, and that’s why they got shortlisted.

Of course, you can start by matching your skills and personal traits to those listed in the job posting.

Don’t stop here, though.

Tell the hiring manager what you’ve accomplished as an orthopedic nurse.

Feel free to throw in a few skills that you didn’t see in the job listing but might be relevant at some point.

For ideas on this, check out job descriptions from other hiring clinics.

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4. What do you consider your greatest strength and weakness?

Speaking of strength, focus on highlighting the desirable qualities you possess that could be valuable to the position.

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You can say you’re a problem solver, team player, excellent communicator, calm under pressure, trustworthy, or hard-working orthopedic nurse.

You can brag with as many strengths as possible, but do it if you can provide achievements, accomplishments, and examples to back that up.

When it comes to weakness, don’t be too hard on yourself.

We all have shortcomings, but the hiring manager is interested to know how you’re actively planning to improve.

It signals that you’re a solutions-oriented candidate willing to learn and change.

In this case, limit yourself to professional weaknesses that won’t prohibit you from being considered the right fit for the position.

A weakness example: “I only feel gratified when nursing tasks are completed to perfection”.

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5. Why did you leave your last job?

When answering this question, it’s best to approach it from a positive angle.

It doesn’t matter if you quit or were laid off because of negative reasons.

While honesty is encouraged, frame your answer without venting about your former employer.

Some of the valid or reasonable responses include:

  • I’m looking for an employer that enables me to develop and expand my career.
  • I need new challenges.
  • My previous employer is downsizing, restructuring, or closing down.
  • My duties have been reduced.
  • I feel undervalued in your previous role.
  • I was employed on a short-term contract.

Some of the statements to avoid include:

  • I need better pay. See also: Do Nurses Make Good Money?
  • The employer set unrealistic and hard to achieve goals.
  • I don’t like my boss or the working environment.
  • I don’t like the working hours at my job.

6. How would your co-workers describe you?

Your answer to this orthopedic nurse interview question will give the hiring manager an idea of your general sense of personality and self-awareness.

Would you fit well into their team dynamic?

It is not uncommon for interviewers to compare your response to characteristics described by your references to see how accurate your self-assessment is.

Highlight your key personality traits and provide examples showing how they contributed to your success in the workplace.

Example answer:

My co-workers would tell you I’m organized, thoughtful, and a team player. I’m a reliable person they can count on even when under pressure.

Also, I’m someone they enjoy working with.

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7. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Turnover cost is extremely high. As such, employers want to know whether you’ll stick around for several years.

The hiring crew expects to hear a few of your long-term goals and how you anticipate growing and progressing within this role.

Review the job description and sell career goals around it.

Speak about areas you want to hone your skills or experiences you like to have on your resume over the next five years.

For example, you can say you want to obtain particular certificates and take up superior roles at the facility.

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8. What is the most difficult part of working as an orthopedic nurse?

The interviewer wants to know what you consider challenging and how you go about solving it.

As an orthopedic nurse, it could be working away from family or the sadness you feel when you see patients in pain.

See also: Can Nurses Treat Family Members?

Whatever challenge you choose to share, make sure you approach it positively and make the hiring manager understand that it won’t influence your performance.

Example answer:

Seeing someone in pain breaks my heart, especially when it’s a senior citizen or young child. But, I love the fact that I’m able to care for my patients from a low point until their bones are healed.

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9. What are your salary expectations?

Some interviewers will raise this question early on before you convince them you’re the ideal candidate they need to fill the orthopedic nurse position.

If it happens, there’s nothing wrong with averting the question until you’re ready.

Do this only if you’ve already done the research and understand the average market salary ranges for the position.

But if you are not sure, tell the hiring manager that salary wouldn’t be a deal-breaker because your main goal is to develop and expand your career.

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10. Do you have any questions for me or about this particular nursing position?

The hiring managers don’t expect a No response. Unfortunately, that’s what they get from 3 in 4 interviewees.

Therefore, asking questions will help you score points over the majority of candidates.

Essentially, this is another chance to show the interviewer that you’re invested, passionate, and serious about the orthopedic nurse position.

It can also signal that you’ve done your research about the facility and job offer.

Ideally, you should ask around three open-ended questions related to the job.

They could be about the orthopedic hospital, hiring manager, and even yourself.

Only ask questions on topics that the interviewer didn’t cover or provide enough details.

Examples of questions to ask:

  • What are the personality traits to succeed in this role?
  • Could you share any concerns you may have about my qualifications?
  • What are your criteria for measuring success in this orthopedic nurse position?
  • Why did the last person leave their job?
  • Are you happy working at this facility? Why?

What to avoid:

Don’t bring up questions focused on salary, facility perks, benefits, or vacation time.

Also, don’t dig into the interviewer’s personal life or bring up non-work activities.

Conclusion: Interview Questions for Orthopedic Nurses

Now that you know the 10 most common orthopedic nurse interview questions it’s time to wrap up this article.

Make sure that you prepare properly by practicing with these interview questions for orthopedic nurses before you head out to the interview.

We hope you nail that interview and get that job you wanted!

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