Dental Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

Dental nurse interview questions

Dental nurses play very important roles in the dental health profession. Not only do they clean teeth and assist with surgeries but they also play a vital part in assuaging the common anxieties patients have when visiting the dentist.

Practices want to know they are hiring the best, so they will ask hard-hitting dental nurse interview questions in an interview.

It is important for dental nurses to be learned, compassionate, and work well with others.

All of these can be communicated through the answers of an interview.

We’ve outlined seven of the most common interview questions asked of dental nurse candidates.

We also provided you with explanations and examples on how to answer them for a successful interview.

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Interview questions for dental nurses

Dental Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

This is the perfect opportunity to hit the highlight reel of your schooling and professional career.

Mention where you graduate from, what experience you’ve had working in the field, and what outstanding achievements you’ve been recognized for.

In the end, explain why you want this particular job position.

Sample answer:

I graduated from Chattanooga College and have been working as a dental nurse for the past five years.

I enjoy teaching people how to take care of their teeth and making them feel comfortable in a dental office.

This job would provide me with the perfect opportunity to continue growing in my career and helping patients keep healthy teeth.

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2. Why did you choose to be a dental nurse?

The interviewer wants to know that you’re the right person for the job.

They want to hear that you are passionate about the field and that you have the right qualities that the position requires.

Be honest about your motives but be sure to steer your answer toward a reason that would benefit them.

Sample answer:

I always wanted to be a nurse and when I began to discover how the health of your mouth and teeth affects your overall health, I knew that was the field for me.

I’m good at helping ease other people’s anxiety which also helped secure my choice to be a dental nurse.

3. Why do you want to work for this healthcare facility?

Here’s the million-dollar question that you will be asked and it will show if you haven’t done your homework.

The interviewer is looking to see how familiar you are with their facility.

Research the place ahead of time to learn a bit about their history, any specialties, or outstanding achievements. Don’t come unprepared for a question like this because it will show.

Sample answer:

I knew that I wanted to work for a dentistry team that valued its patients above all else.

I had seen that your facility had received an award for best patient care and when I noticed you were hiring, I just had to work for you.

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4. What is your favorite part about being a dental nurse?

Once again, this question may be a genuine interest in you, but it is also a way to deduce if you have the right qualities for the position.

Pick a trait that is essential for dental nursing such as being compassionate, communicative, or knowledgeable.

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Expand on one of these with examples from your career, or things you hope to achieve.

Sample answer:

My favorite part about being a dental nurse is the ability to work with all different kinds of people and help ease any fears they may have of the dentist.

I love that moment when I can tell that they are comfortable being in a dental office because of how I cared for them.

5. Why would you be leaving your current job to come work here?

This is a tricky one.

The key here, no matter what the reason, is to be positive.

Don’t mention any drama in your current workplace.

If you got fired, be honest and admit to it.

Give a good explanation as to why you were fired and then say what you learned from the experience and how you will improve.

Sample answer:

Jones Dental is a great place to work, and I have learned so much from my time of employment there.

As difficult as the decision was, I decided that I needed to branch out because I felt that the position you are offering would provide me with more opportunities to grow in my career.

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6. What is your greatest strength as a dental nurse?

This is the point-blank question you’ve been waiting for.

There are many key qualities that are important for a dental nurse to possess so make sure you hit on one of these.

Communication, teamwork, great people skills, and compassion are all essential characteristics for a dental nurse. Always tie it back to how it works in their favor.

Sample answer:

My greatest strength is compassion.

I am very skilled at recognizing if a patient is anxious or upset and doing everything within my power to make them feel more comfortable.

I believe my compassion would be a great asset to your team and benefit your patients.

7. Are you a good team player?

It’s important to be able to work well with others because a dental practice is not a one-man show.

Everyone works together to achieve the best possible care for the patients.

The interviewer will want to see that you possess a good sense of teamwork through examples from your career.

Sample answer:

In my current position, we were having issues with patients not making their appointments.

So, the other members of the dental practice and I got together to come up with a solution to help our patients that could not have been managed by one person alone.

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Conclusion: Interview Questions for Dental Nurses

Your dental nurse interview is the gateway to your new dream position.

You just need the key to unlock it.

Use these questions to help you prepare for your interview so that you can have the confidence you need to show the dental practice why they should hire you for the job.

Good luck with your upcoming dental nurse interview questions!

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