7 Best Breast Care Nurse Interview Questions 

Breast care nurse interview questions

Nursing is a challenging yet rewarding career that opens the doors to many different job opportunities across the board.

Whether you enjoy working in a fast-paced, diverse environment such as the E.R. or in a specialty field where your skills are dedicated to one specific area such as breast care, there is a job out there for you.

If this is a position that you are interested in and applied for, being fully prepared for your breast care nurse interview questions is going to help improve your chances of getting hired.

Breast care nurses are not as common as many other positions in the health care field, which makes it hard to find that specific position, and even harder to land it.

In this article, we have gathered a list of the top seven common questions often asked in a breast care nurse interview.

We have even followed those questions up, with some of the reasons these questions are asked and the best ways to answer them, giving you a good chance of landing the job. 

If your goal in your nursing career is to work as a certified breast care nurse specialist, this is the right place for you.

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Breast care nurse interview questions

Breast Care Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

If you are preparing to interview for a position as a breast care nurse, here are seven questions you should practice that will give you a great chance of landing the job of your dreams.

1. Why did you decide to become a nurse?

The interviewer is interested in your motivation to be in such a high demanding position.

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It takes a lot of education, hard work, and mental strength to be a nurse, and they are trying to figure out your intentions.

Sample answer:

I wanted to become a nurse because I have always had the drive to help others.

I like staying on my toes and doing whatever I can to make a difference in my patient’s life, big or small.

I enjoy connecting with people and guiding them when needed.

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2. Tell me about a difficult experience you had with a difficult patient and how you handled it.

No matter how hard you work to help someone, there are those out there who are going to make it difficult for you.

Employers want to make sure you are aware of this possibility and know you are prepared to handle it professionally.

Sample answer:

I once had a patient in the E.R. who was refusing medical treatment for a laceration to his hand.

By the time the patient made it to the hospital, it was severely infected and needed to be drained and cleaned, or he was looking at sepsis and possible amputation.

As the man was getting dressed to leave, waiting on his AMA paperwork, I sat beside him quietly to ask him if he knew the risk of not getting treatment.

I found out he had no insurance and couldn’t afford it.

I informed our billing staff, who was able to come up with a plan to help him with the payments, and the treatment was done.

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3. Would you prefer working alone or as part of a team?

This can be a tricky question, and if you choose to pick one or the other, you may end up losing the job. 

Here the employer wants to know you can handle yourself when required but can also work with the rest of the staff daily.

Sample answer:

I am very confident in my ability to handle all tasks put in front of me while working independently.

However, I am not afraid to look for help when I have any questions, or I want someone else to take a second look.

I think communication is vital in a workforce, and the job is more successful when the crew works together.

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4. What are your strengths?

Here you get to brag about yourself a little bit.

Focus on all of the qualities you possess that others have previously commented on or ones you feel can make you an asset to a medical facility.

Employers want to make sure their future employee has the confidence and skills required for this position.

Sample answer:

I believe my time in the E.R. makes me quick on my toes and has provided me with the skills I need to handle a wide variety of situations.

I also worked for some time in labor and delivery, giving me experience in speaking to women regarding breast health and personal hygiene, and self-care.

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5. What makes you interested in working for our company?

Employers will frequently ask this question during an interview to ensure the candidate is truly interested in the company and did their own homework being for meeting with them.

Sample answer:

I have heard many good things regarding your company and seen your recent implantation of the latest breast screening tools.

I feel your medical office is providing great care and can offer women a whole new and positive outlook on medical treatment.

I would love to be a part of that.

6. Do you have any questions for me?

You should always ask your interviewer some questions, especially if they ask if you have any.

This will prove to them you are interested in the company and want to learn more.

This will make you a great asset to them.

Keep the questions simple, don’t get too personal, and stay engaged and responsive.

Listen to what they have to say.

Sample answer:

I read your facility is one of the top 10 health care facilities to work for in the county.

Do you enjoy your position?

7. Why are you interested in breast care nursing?

There are many different fields you can go into as a nursing professional.

Employers ask this question to make sure you understand the position you are applying for, and you have the best intentions and skills.

Sample answer:

As mentioned, I worked in labor and delivery for a few years, and in that time, I realized that breast care was something many women would shy away from talking about like it was some sort of embarrassing issue.

I want to help change that thought pattern and make women aware of the health conditions that are out there.

Also, taking care of their bodies is nothing to shy away from; it should be empowering.

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Conclusion: Certified Breast Care Nurse Interview Questions

When walking into a breast care nurse interview:

  • be confident,
  • be professional,
  • and be polite.

You also always need to be prepared for any question that comes your way, this helps the employer know just how serious you are.

Hopefully, these common interview questions for breast care nurses help you out.

Good luck with your up-and-coming breast care nurse interview!

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