5 Most Common PICU RN Interview Questions

PICU RN interview questions and answers

As you probably already know, PICU RN stands for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse and it is one of the multiple areas of nursing you can choose from.

This type of nurse works in the intensive care unit providing monitoring and interventions for critical pediatric patients.

In this article, we’ll go through the five most common PICU RN interview questions and answers, and how to prepare for those.

Immersing yourself in this field means providing minute-to-minute care for patients, usually from 1 to 3 a day since this is a high-paced environment where the patient’s condition can change in just minutes.

Before going through the interview process is important that you understand the responsibilities you will be required to perform:

Constant vital monitoring and interpretation:

You will be in charge of monitoring vital signs, fluid intake, fluid output as well as other factors.

It isn’t only about taking a look at them but also knowing how to interpret them and detect any concerning results or signs that may lead to an emergency.

Treatment administration:

You will be in charge of administering treatment to your patients and performing minor procedures and being able to act fast and effectively in case of an emergency.

Being able to work in a team:

Taking care of a critical pediatric patient is not a job for just one person.

You will be working alongside other professionals such as physicians and nutritionists, and you will all have a crucial part in taking care of the patient.

Communicating with the loved ones and relatives of the patient:

This is one of the hardest parts of the job.

Being the bearer of bad news and knowing how to communicate with them is not easy, you need to have communication skills and be a source of reassurance for the family.

However, it is important to note that your job is also going to be rewarding.

Helping patients get better and watching them get out of the intensive care unit and grow into happy kids is one of the best parts of the job.

If you are pretty sure this is the field you want to pursue here are some common PICU RN interview questions as well as a little help on how to answer them in the best possible way.

PICU RN Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most common questions you will get in your interview and some examples.

Remember always try to be honest during the interview.

1. Do you feel comfortable working in a fast-paced environment?

The reason interviewers ask this is that the PICU is a high-stress environment where the status of a patient can change in just seconds.

Also, you will handle more than one patient so you need to be able to work fast and efficiently.

Example answer:

Yes, I am comfortable and have previous experience working in fast-paced environments.

I can manage multiple tasks at a time regarding the patient’s monitoring and care while still being organized and focused.

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2. How would you help the patient’s family cope with the stress and bad news?

Communicating with the patient’s loved ones is one of your responsibilities and learning how to provide information and help family members to cope with stress or upsetting news is a valuable skill for interviewers.

Example answer:

Relatives usually suffer from a lot of stress and are constantly worrying about their child’s condition and part of our job is to be compassionate and offer reassurance in those difficult times.

I would try to spend as much time with them as possible, strengthen their involvement in the treatment of their child by promoting their participation in tasks, providing all the information they need.

3. Why choose our organization?

Interviewers want to make sure they hire a person who shares the vision and mission of their company and has done research on their organization.

Example answer:

I’ve been researching your center for months because I wanted to find a place where I could work with innovative ideas.

And be part of a successful team where our main goal is to give patients the necessary care to help them overcome critical conditions and get them out of the unit and watch them grow into happy and healthy individuals.

I believe I share the same values as your center.

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4. What do you think is the most important part of your job?

This question will give the interviewer an insight into how you perceive your job and what unique skills and values you can offer the center.

Example answer:

I think the most important part of my job is to know that no matter the condition and illness each patient is unique.

You need to get to know your patient, and pay attention to the smallest details.

Things that could be easily overlooked but could actually mean the patient is improving or an emergency is going to occur and you need to act fast.

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5. Are you comfortable working on a team?

The PICU is the place where different specialists work together with a goal in common: Take care of their patients until they are healthy enough to get out of the unit and live nourishing lives.

It is important that you:

  • have previous experience working on a team,
  • know how to follow orders,
  • and express your ideas when you aren’t ok with an approach.

Example answer:

As a PICU RN I have previous experience working with nutritionists, pediatrics, and managers and I think communication is crucial.

Everyone should have a very defined role and there should always be respect among the members of the team.

How To Prepare For PICU Nurse Interview Questions?

The best way is to practice answering the questions.

Get a relative or friend to act as the interviewer, and write down the most common PICU RN interview questions with the answers so you are ready and feel more confident when the time comes.

The examples above will help you with what the health centers are looking for but you can edit them according to your experience.

Conclusion: PICU Interview Questions

Being a PICU nurse is a tiring but rewarding job, the joy of having a critically ill patient that gets better and having a role in that recovery is priceless.

Obtaining a position in your dream center will be easier thanks to the above questions and examples.

Good luck with your upcoming PICU interview!

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