How Much Does Cyst Removal Cost?

How much does cyst removal cost

A cyst is a pathological epithelial-lined cavity that is filled with fluids or soft materials. A cyst can grow anywhere in your body or under the skin.

Most cysts are benign or non-cancerous but many of them may cause discomfort, pain, or health complications.

In this article, we are going to discuss the prices of different types of cyst removal procedures and how much does cyst removal cost.

It is important to treat the cysts because otherwise, they can become accessible and it can burst inside the body.

The type of treatment depends on many factors such as the type and location of the cyst, whether it is infected, or if it is causing pain and discomfort.

Some cases require a cyst removal procedure and the cost of this treatment can vary according to the location of the cyst and the type.

How much does cyst removal cost approximately?

The cost of cyst removal ranges from $25 to $10,000 and the average price is $1,875. This price can vary according to the method that is used to remove the cyst.

One of the methods is drainage in which the doctor makes a small incision through which the cyst is drained, the wound will heal within a week or two but it can cause scarring on the skin.

Here is a video made by Dr. Geoff Butler to demonstrate how drainage of infected cysts happens.

The fine-needle aspiration method is similar to drainage but instead of making an incision, the doctor will insert a thin needle in the cyst to drain the fluid.

A more complex procedure is surgery but this is an option only for certain types of cysts, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area, the doctor makes a small cut and pulls out the cyst, it will result in a scar and some types of a cyst can recur after surgery.

The most advanced treatment is laparoscopy, the surgeon will use a scalpel to make a few small incisions, insert the laparoscope to view and remove the cyst.

This procedure requires less recovery time and is less likely to leave scars.

In terms of price, laparoscopy is the most expensive procedure and drainage is the cheapest one.

Now you know the basics about how much does cyst removal costs so it’s time to dive in a little deeper.

How much does cyst removal surgery cost?

The cost for a cyst removal surgery can range anywhere from $500 to $4,000 depending on the type of cyst, the size, and the location.

The procedure for cyst removal surgery is fast and simple.

The process consists of three steps known as numbing (the surgeon will inject an anesthetic in the cyst to numb the area) with a sharp scalpel he removes the fatty tissue and fluids, the patient will receive stitches on the inside and outside of the skin that will last for a certain time.

How much does ganglion cyst removal cost?

The cost for a ganglion cyst removal can range anywhere from $1,821 to $3,688.

A ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled lump of tissue that tends to appear along with the tendons or joints.

It appears on the wrist, hand, ankle, or foot. some of them are visible under the skin, while others are so small that you can’t see them.

It can cause discomfort, pain, numbness, tingling sensation, and even a loss of mobility when it is near a nerve.

A ganglion cyst can be removed through an open excision surgery or an arthroscopic ganglion removal, this procedure involves making a small incision to pass a tiny camera known as an arthroscope and instruments to remove the cyst.

Here is a video made by Dr. Thomas McClellan to demonstrate on live surgery how ganglion cyst removal is done.

Arthroscopic ganglion removal tends to be more expensive than an open excision.

How much does ovarian cyst removal cost?

The cost of an ovarian cyst removal goes anywhere from $6,596 to $9,264.

An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled cavity that develops in one of the ovaries, there are different types of ovarian cyst are some of them are painless and doesn’t cause symptoms but when they do it includes:

  • painful bowel movements
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • severe pelvic pain
  • pain in the lower back or thighs

The ovarian cyst removal procedure is laparoscopic surgery, a small incision is made and the laparoscope is inserted to locate the cyst, the surgeon will use surgical instruments to remove the cyst and the incision area is closed with stitches or staples.

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The procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours.

How much does breast cyst removal cost?

How much does breast cyst removal cost

The cost for breast cyst removal goes anywhere from $4,431 to $6,590.

Breast cysts are fluid-filled sacs inside the breast which are benign and have a round or oval shape and can develop in either one or both breasts.

Some women have breast cysts and can’t feel them at all, but some experience pain and discomfort, they may become larger during the time as hormone levels change.

If treatment is required to remove the lump, the doctor can insert a thin needle into the breast lump and aspirate the fluid, this technique is called fine-needle aspiration and the other option is surgery.

How much does epididymal cyst removal cost?

How much does epididymal cyst removal cost

How much does cyst removal cost (Epididymal)?

The cost of epididymal cyst removal ranges from $3,042 to $4,338.

An epididymal cyst also known as spermatocele is a cyst that develops in the epididymis, a tube that is located in the scrotum.

They vary in size and most of the time are benign but when they grow out too large they can cause pain and discomfort.

There are several ways to remove this type of cyst.

The doctor can insert a needle in the cyst and aspirate the fluid if the cyst happens to refill and recurs.

The doctor can apply a method known as sclerotherapy in which he will drain the fluid off from the spermatocele and use a substance that will fill the sac with scar tissue.

If that doesn’t work then the doctor will perform surgery.

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Out of all the treatments, surgery is the most expensive.

Conclusion: How much does cyst removal cost?

Cysts are a health problem that affects a huge percentage of the population.

There are currently different treatment options to remove them.

Each one has a different price and the final decision on which removal option to choose depends on the advice of your doctor, the type of cyst, and the location of it.

At this point, you should know how much does cyst removal costs whether it’s an epididymal or a ganglion.

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