Can a Registered Nurse Open a Medical Spa?

Can a registered nurse open a medical spa

Though nurses are people who generally work one-on-one with patients, they are not allowed to open a medical spa for people.

If they decide to quit their current nursing job, they can work as a physician in the medical spa.

There, they can expect to make a lot more money than the job that they are currently working. See also: Do Nurses Make Good Money?

They already have the education that most people would need in order to receive that job. The only additional work that they would have to do to qualify is going through training.

There, you learn how to transition from your nursing job as well as what you’re already good at. Also, a nurse probably doesn’t have the status necessary to open any kind of business.

Opening a business is very expensive and generally requires a loan from a bank.

Sadly, the bank isn’t going to give a loan to someone who’s only been making 30K-40K in their salary.

Most nurses have also never held any position of leadership before.

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That isn’t the fault but it’s also something people who give out loans do.

Most nurses have also never made big financial purchases with the exception of a car or the down payment on their apartment.

So even if they wanted to open up the business, they might not have the resources to do so.

It’s best to have some wealth and a full step away from the industry if you want to own a medical spa.

For inspiration I’d recommend you to check out this video made by Fatima Francesa about Week in the Life as a Medical Spa Nurse Practitioner.

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Can a registered nurse open a medical spa or not

Can an RN own a medical spa?

In most parts of the world, an RN can’t open the medical spa by themselves. They also need the license of a physician to be able to do so.

It takes a lot of work and collaboration to be able to accomplish this and isn’t very realistic for the people who want to make it a sidehustle.

If you’re working as a nurse right now, you need to question how badly you want this medical spa.

You won’t be able to do both at the same time, but you can make more in the medical spa if you set it up in an urban area.

In terms of opening it, you may be able to if you are acquiring the spa from another person.

As it stands on its own, your medical license isn’t enough to open up a medical spa, regardless of how much money or knowledge that you have.

But if someone decides to give you the spa, that’s completely different.

Technically, that means you use that building for whatever you wanted.

If you want to keep doing this, it’s best that you actually learn how to become a physician.

You can also learn to hold multiple licenses at once.

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This could be good for when one of the jobs makes more money for yourself, you can just swap over. Though doing this at all is going to mean that you sacrifice a lot of your time making this workout.

Qualifications needed to open a medical spa

This can depend on where you live and in some parts of the world, you don’t need any qualifications to open up a medical spa.

Though, for this guide, we will be using the United States and references the laws that they operate under.

First, you must have some kind of medical qualification.

There are many different jobs in the medical industry but having a license is the first thing that you will be required to show when owning your spa.

For example: Neonatal Nurse – All About Neonatal Nurses

Secondly is that if you are currently working in the medical industry, you must open it with a physician.

Though your business is to help clients with their medical issues, the knowledge and experience of a physician are still more important.

One of the most important requirements is having supervision when you aren’t working at the spa.

There is no way you are going to be able to work there 24/7, so you are also required to have someone with authority to watch over the spa when you aren’t there.

If you don’t fulfill this crucial step, you could potentially be liable for any wrongdoing that happens at your workplace.

The last step is the physician being involved in marketing.

Marketing increases the expectations that people have when receiving a good or service and the physician knows what the customer is getting.

Having a physician helps to make the marketing more realistic to consumers receiving the service.

It also happens to be the law.

Conclusion: Can an RN open a medical spa?

Overall, this is a tough decision any nurse is going to make if they want to go into this industry.

It’s not for most people, but there are some good reasons as to why you would do it.

Many people agree that nurses are overworked and underpaid.

Here, we get to see all the best parts of coming from a nursing background into another industry.

You get to service a few clients every day while working fewer hours and working more money, but the prospect of opening the business makes things a lot more complicated.

This is a no-brainer if you have a friend who is a physician, though most people don’t have those kinds of connections.

The law also requires the physician to do the advertising and supervise the building so it has to be someone that you really trust.

There are so many risks in opening this business, however, the rewards that you could receive from this job are well worth any risk that you are going to be taking.

What you have to lose is some savings and the job that you are currently working at the hospital.

What you have to gain is your own business, along with more money and a much better lifestyle.

Though the job requires medical experience, you feel like you’re going into a completely different field.

It’s also hard to find the right kind of people to trust the medical spa. Hiring for the job can be a difficult process and not just anyone can do it.

At this point, you should know whether can a registered nurse open a medical spa or not.

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